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I met the most unbelievable girl over the summer, we are a perfect match and everything about her is great except the fact that she lives 5 hours away. Ive gone to her house a few times but we have come to a point where the only way to further the relationship would be to start going out with each other. The problem is that we both love each other but we dont want to commit to each other, only to see each other once a month at most. I feel terrible about it and now we have hit a wall and we decided we cant be romantically involved over the distance and are now mere friends. Plz help me!!

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I'd kill for the opportunity to be with my boyfriend once a month... even if it's a day a month.


*sigh* Some people don't know what they have.... *sigh sigh sigh*


If you want it to work it will work. Once a month is a lot compared to what some of us on this forum have to deal with.


I see my boyfriend... whenever he's allowed to see me. Next time I'll see him if probably sometime after march next year.


Chat online, use voice chat programs, send e-mails, send cards, send random little gifts and letters, send lightly weared clothes... ^^: it really isn't that hard other than you won't get to hug each other whenever you want.

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maybe this might help i'm not sure . I had a long distance relationship also my boyfriend and I lived three hours away from each other . Our long distance relationship continued for about a year, and actually we both thought it was kinda nice. We saw each other on the weekends only given us time for work and for family and friends and plus some alone time. And I kinda liked it because I looked forward to seeing him on the weekends. So I guess what Im trying to say is that if you really want this to work out anything is possible.

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lol, while I was still in the states I got to see my bf about once a month. Now I won't see him until December, and them for probably another 8 months after that.


Long distance is hard, but if you like the girl, that one time a month you see her could be worth it. Email, use AIM or MSN... make sure you call each other. Like the other posters have said, if you want it to work, it will.

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My boyfriend & I just met over the summer as well, but now he is in another country & we are doing long-distance. I won't see him 'til Christmas next. I know not everyone would be prepared for this commitment & we have had a few hills & valleys initially, but things are smoothing over as we're getting used to it. We use e-mail & MSN a lot so it's ok. My conclusion: if you really want it to work, it will. If you decide that you want to see other people then it won't.

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... other than e-mails that I sometimes get from bf, the only communication pathway is my letters everyday...


I guess my valley recently was when he was able to go online for 2 hours a day last last weekend.. and didn't bother to wake me up so we can chat. After he explained he didn't do it on purpose I gave up on that issue though.


... as of hardly any words from him. ... I forced myself to accept that.



^^;;;; =/ let's all work on keeping our LDRs intimate and sweet. ^_^


I'm determined to make mine work! I don't care if I never hear from him or sees him once a year. If I know he'll someday come back to me, that's enough.

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i have known a guy for a year and a half, we met through the net , at first we were just friends and then we met in the summer and we are deciding to give it a go,


its really hard not being with him and some times are harder than others, me and my boyfriend are lucky if we see each other every 4 to 5 weeks but we make the most of out prescious,

we speak nealy everyday on the phone , send thousands of texts and spend most of our time on msn, if you both want it to work it will but it is alot of work



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Sorry, my situation's a bit different.


I'm an atheist, and my boyfriend's family is... very very devoted to Catholism. However, they respect my views. As long as I don't tell them in their face that there is no god, they won't tell me "god bless you" or "I'll pray for you." ^^; They know that super ticks me off.



My boyfriend isn't allowed to see me much because he's in Iraq. Actually, I'm not sure if he's in Iraq. He's somewhere in the middle east. He says he's going to file for leave time maybe for summer next year. However, he wants to go to Japan or Hawaii for vacation, and I might not be able to go with him... I also might live home, which means he will not be able to visit me and stay at my house... it's getting really difficult but we're trying to hang in there.



I wonder if you and your boyfriend can somehow get your families to agree to leave religion off conversations. If people don't mention the word god, they can actually co-exist quite peacefully.

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