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her male friend is always there

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One of my gilfriend,s close friends is a guy,he is also a good friend of mine.I actually kind of used him to get to know her.Now here is my problem;he is always there.He e-mails her every day,he asks her out to the movies .Me and my girlfriend go camping and he decides to come.We go bike riding together and he is there too.he also touches her a lot too.She lets him hang out with us because she doesnt want him to feel left out.She used to hang around with him a lot more before she met me.We do almost everything as a group( except for our intimate moments)


I know she views him as friend only but I think he secretly has feelings for her.I wish he would back off a little bit.If i tell him she would probally get mad at me.So for now I just pretend it doesnt bother me.


Any advice?



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just like you said. you cant really do much about this situation. ask your friend if she likes him more than a friend. if she says no then tell her youve noticed the way he acts and you think he has more feelings for her. let her deal with it. shell ask him about it and things will go naturaly from there.

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Well you can't completely get this guy out of your life. He is a good friend of hers, so obviously he's going to be around sometimes.


The fact that hes always there though must get annoying. Do you think she has a problem saying no to him? Like if you and her plan to go camping & he calls her, do you think she feels like she needs to invite him?


I think you should talk to your girlfriend about it. Tell her that you think he's a cool guy & you enjoy hanging out with him, but you don't want him around all the time whenever you both are just hanging out. It gets in the way of the time you two need to just talk & stuff. There is a time for friends, but also a time for just the 2 of you. Couples need their alone time. Not just to be intimate, but also to talk about things. Its hard to do that when someone else is sitting right next to you.


Maybe when he comes a long with you somewhere, you could invite one of your friends too, so that its not just you and your girlfriend & this guy.


I don't even know why this guy would want to hang out with you both. I mean, I wouldn't want to hang out with my friend and her boyfriend all the time. I would feel sort of weird and left out. I do have a friend though who likes to try to invite herself everywhere me and my boyfriend go. I don't know, I mean, I'm sure he thinks of you both as good friends, but doesn't he have other friends too?

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Well you used the kid, so you have to deal with the package. There probably is no harm in it if she has been friends with him for a while.


Anyway...you really have no right to say anything about him. Seems like she has a good heart in not letting her friends feel left out. Basically, you better become better friends with him and stop pretending to be friends with him for your own gains.



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