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Still in love with ex


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After being separated from my ex-girlfriend for almost 10 years, I flew accross the country to visit her. She was someone I always cared about deeply and the reason why we lost touch was because I couldn't take hearing about her with someone else. Over the years I've learned to handle it better although it still does hurt but I know I have to deal with it. She recently broke up with her last boyfriend because of his commitment problems. I think she's she still a bit hurt but she's getting through it.

I still love this girl and if there's ever a chance I want to make it work. I don't think she feels as strong about me but if the chance exists and I never tried, I wouldn't be able to forgive myself. Our weekend trip was great and we had fun. She still cares about her last boyfriend but she's also starting to date a bit now too. I can tell she enjoys my company and is comfortable around me. Since I haven't seen her in so long, its hard for me to get a feel on her emotions. My feeling is, I don't think she's deeply in love with me or anything but she may be open about it.

So the problem is she may be visit me soon and I want to know if I should let her know how I feel. And how? What's the best way to do it without showing what a chump I am.. I know that if I want to stand a chance I have to do it in a confident way.

So should I..


1) Ask her before she goes away to always leave a door open for us possiblity being together


2) Hold her close, look into her eyes and slowly try to kiss her


3) Keep it all to myself and wait for the possibility of us living closer together so we can take it slowly/nautrally.


Although I've dated other girls, I never had a good relationship besides with her. I know life will go on without her, but it will be so much better if it was with her.


Thanks for reading such a lot post.

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Sheeesh...all I can think of is, "Are you ready to get HURT?"


If she is coming out, enjoy the time together. But I would strongly suggest not getting your hopes up at all. As a matter of fact, if you are intent on finding out if she has feelings for you, which I would imagine you intent on finding out, I would suggest enjoying a little time together and just ask her. This way you don't get your hopes way up there just to come crashing back down with even more serious intensity.


Again, keep it simple, have some fun...then ask her what is going on in her mind.


Hope all goes well,


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I'm trying not to keep my hopes too high. I understand she may not feel the same way. I just want her to leave that door open between us.

I'll take your advice and enjoy the time we're together. Although I might lay the flirt on here and there and see how it goes.

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