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Set back to say the least...

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hought I was doing better then I hear my wife introduced her new boyfriend to some mutual friends. I hit the bottom after hearing that, then on top of that yesterday I got served with the petition for divorce. It really made the reality of things set in. It's funny now everyone is coming forth with things they know about her and all and it makes me sick to know the person I Loved was not real. That she was just BS me into believing she was someone she wasn't. I guess it should make it easier to let go, but you still hang on to the memories of who you though they were.

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You know, I hear you....even though I wasn't married, but my ex started dating a best friend of his roommate that made sure I was out of his life to put her friend there on the spot.....so now my friends know about his knew relationship, but worse is that they new before me...and not told me that and also some of them started telling me stories about him that I didn't know......and to tell you the truth, I don't like the fact that they do that....because come on.....now that I went throught this break up, all these bad stories about my ex don't make me feel better, they only make me feel that I was such a fool for not seeing all this.


Just wanted to let you know that you're not alone in this boat......

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