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A question for women who like tattoos

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My wife likes tats, she has only one but wants another. I, on the other hand, have just never seen the attraction.


I have a special name for her, its not real private, we have friends that know her more by that name than her real one. (Its Opal, and it's a long story.)


For several months she has been looking for the kanji character for Opal with the intent of getting that for her next tat. This weekend we discussed my getting it for her for her birthday.


This morning I had the thought, that instead of giving her the tat for her birthday, I would give it to me. That is I would have the Opal characters tattooed on me. She has a related name and there is a kanji character for it too.


Now remembering she likes tats, and I don't too much, do you think she will see this as romantic a thing as I do? It's really about the only thing I would ever consider having put on me.


Also should I offer to get my name tattooed on her?


I am kind of afraid she will think I am stealing her tat, which is not what I want. I just thought of it and it seemed like a neat thing to do.


Any thoughts?

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Ooh, I think that's very romantic. And if you're worried about her still wanting a tat, why not pay for her to get your name or nickname tattooed on her? That way you can get your tattoos together!


I have seven, myself, and my boyfriend has none but wants a kanji character having to do with art, as he's an artist. I think we'd both love to get each other's names, but I'm a bit superstitious.

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Since its a tattoo that's permanent, I'd say ask her what she thinks. I know that ruins the element of surprise, but its better than putting her in a tough situation in public (tattoo shop). My ex did this to me & he ended up spending all the money he had for my bday on a tattoo for himself because I didn't want another tattoo right then. (I ended up getting it 2 days later, but that;s another long story).

Just one question for you.... how long have you been married? It's not really a good idea to get someones name tattooed on you unless its a child. I saw by your age that your not some young married man, but still.... just in case. My father was 40-something when he got a tattoo with mine, my mom;s & my brother;s initials tattooed on his arm. (after 15 years of marriage) & the marriage didn't work out. So now he says that both J's in the tattoo are for me.

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I'm with you in the sense that I also don't like tattoos. One of my friends has one from around 10 years back and it well...doesn't look to good now. I think that he is dying to get rid of the tattoo but the laser treatment is just too expensive at the moment after he has brought a house with his girlfriend.


I guess that every person is different though.


ps I just realise this was a question for girls so I am a girl honestly

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Since its a tattoo that's permanent, I'd say ask her what she thinks.


Just one question for you.... how long have you been married?


Jessi, I had not really planned it as a surprise, but you have a good point.


We have been married 23 years this month and been together for 25. We have grown kids and grandkids. Last year we both spent time sitting in the hospital while the docs fixed the other one up. If she dumps me now, I will at least have a good excuse.


Since we made a "new commitment" to each other about 7 years ago things have been great. One fight and a couple of little arguments in 7 years is really pretty good.

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ps I just realise this was a question for girls so I am a girl honestly


LOL. That's a hoot.


Ok, I'll take guys and girls input on this. How much is this going to hurt, I am just a real woose when it comes to pain.


And do you bleed when you get a tat, since the doc put me on asprin everyday, I bleed a lot when I get cut.

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I like tattoos and I have four (fairly unobtrusive ones though).


You know my first reaction when I was about to reply to your post was to say "No, don't do it". I have generally always been against the idea of getting names tattooed, and because tattoos aren't entirely your thing, I figured you just shouldn't. I think of the decision to get tattoos as something you do for yourself.


But then... I put myself in your partner's shoes. I am in love with someone (ah long story - and one where we "might get back together"). Reason I bring that up is I couldn't relate to situations like yours until I met him. Anyway, if I'd talked about something I liked as a tattoo idea, and then he surprised me by getting it done and showing me on a special day - I'd think that was beautiful really. Even if it was my name. But in all honesty, I still wouldn't get his.


I was living with a guy years ago, and I almost got a tattoo that he designed, mainly because of how I felt about him. We broke up (on friendly terms though) before he had completely finished designing it. The advantage of that was though, that he was designing something that he knew I wanted. So had I gotten it, even though it was permanent it wouldn't have mattered that we'd broken up.

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