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A conflict between my friend and a girl....HELP!


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New update on my situation...if you read my previous post you know where I stand, but in short I asked out this girl I really liked and I made sure that (i thought) that this was going to be a date just her and I. Now last night he her and a bunch of their friends went out, i had to work, a friend of mine said that he found out that she thought she was just going to go out with me as friends. Last night he told her how he feltabout her and according to him she feels the same way. (I don't know if this is the truth or not.) Today I talked to her and everything seemed normal we couldn't do anything tonight cause of multiple reasons but we are going to do things later this week. I dont know what to do. I like this girl a lot and I need help. . now I still got plans this week with her. Should I tell her how I feel?

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Never ever.... *tell her how i feel* unless you know for a fact shes in love with you. You have to find a way to challenage her, if you simply tell her you really like her because you feel the other guy will get there first, it'll make you look foolish.


I really dunt know what kind of action i would take if i were in your shoes, but telling her bluntly about my feelings will not be in my list of actions.

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yeah he told her when he took her home saturday night. he knew her and i were going to do something this week. So i'm pretty mad at him. When he told her she said she felt the same way but was not sure. (I'm not exactly what she said). When I asked him if they were going to start dating he said hes not sure maybe. I just dont want to sit back and never let her know how I feel. In the same turn I can why I should not tell her but I feel my time is running out. Figures my luck the girl I really start to like and click with my friend does too.

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well I'm leaving for work in about 1 hour. She will be there today. What would you do if you were still trying to get into a relationship with her under these circumstances. I'm leaning towards just continue my flirting and hang out with her this week. Then after we are done doing something maybe tell her something like, "You may already know this but I really like you and I just thought you should know. " Leave it at that and let her make the decision.

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I say take control, don't let your friend jerk you around. I had a similar experience with a friend of mine. So me and the chick went to get more beers, on the way back I just grabbed her and....no need for details. My suggestion...stay strong, stay confident, make no hesitation. You snooze you lose.


Or take the high road, beat you friend up and claim he was talking smack about the girl...You come out a hero!



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