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my chubby body

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When I first started dating my man, I was very lean without an ounce of fat on me. Since then (about 1 1/2 years) I've started at an office job where my boss loves to eat and orders us lunch everyday. I didn't really notice that I was gaining some weight, until the other day I was trying on a bra at Victoria Secret and I noticed all the cellulity fat on my body. I couldn't bring myself to by the bra, and now I'm scared of the next time i see my b/f naked.


The last time we were fooling around, he made a joke about my jelly roll and then tried to cover it up by saying he loved it and i'm beautiful. Could this be true that he would think that?


Also, we havn't been having much sex, and I was thinking that if I start excersizing and become lean again he would want to more. I know it's not that he's growing sick of me, he tells me he loves me and does little things that count all the time, but I'm scared it's because I'm not so beautiful anymore.


One more thing, I like to have a few beers a few days a week, and the beers I drink are very rich (new castle, guiness etc.) I know there are a lot of calories in them. If I excersize properly can I still become toned without giving up my drinks??


Thanks everyone!

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Wow, I could shore give a study with this... but... I will make it real short.

First as you know, beer is bad. Try to drink orange juice instead of beer. I KNOW is not the same but its helthier than... beer. You don't really need to just drink bear... you could choose something else but something that does not have alcohol.

Also... he may like a girls with a few rolls, you know... so people do. If you don't think this is so... than do what I do. Go run for an ahour at night. I have lost 15 pounds doing this in like...3 weeks... Its very good to run and one thing, if you don't know... don't ever eat or drink a lot of liquid before going to run. It will kill you in a way. I know I have done it twice... and I will never do it again. Well... good luck! 8)

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As long as you use up more calories than you consume you will loose weight. The guinness has around 170 calories per pint which in turn equals to a good 15 mins on a rowing machine.


So to loose weight without giving up on the alcohol and food, you will have to drastically up your excercise regime. Alternatively you can cut down on your calorific intake, alcohol and food, still do some excercise and see the same result.



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One more thing, I like to have a few beers a few days a week, and the beers I drink are very rich (new castle, guiness etc.) I know there are a lot of calories in them. If I excersize properly can I still become toned without giving up my drinks??


Ha! Someone with the same issue as me! I love my drinks too, and there is no way that I'll cut them out completely. Here's what I find works best for me:


I love beer too. I would prefer beer to mixed drinks, wine, shots, etc. Beer tastes like gold in a bottle to me. What you must avoid is eating after you drink. I used to do this all the time - stop at a fast food restaurant and grab a buger before heading home to sleep after the bar. This is what will pack on the pounds - AND FAST! Basically what you're doing if you drink 4-6 beers is consuming like 1000 calories of very rich carbohydrates, then pounding on grease afterwards. Although it feels and tastes good most of the time, it's terrible for the waistline.


A lot of people will tell you that you should eat after drinking and that it's healthier. While this may be true, I think you'll be okay every now and then if you just drink as much water as you can stand before bed. Eat a good, hearty breakfast in the morning (since you'll wear it off as the day wears on anyhow!) and a light lunch.


Something else to consider would be to switch to drinks like gin & tonics. You might be surprised, but these have really grown on me. You might wake up with some pretty hefty headaches from time to time, but that's usually nothing that a couple of Advil can't fix in 30 minutes. Tonic or soda carries almost no calories but can taste great with liquor.

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thanks so much for the advice, I have but one more question...i mostly gain weight on my torso, a little on my thighs, and I gain it very slowly (so slowly I didn't even notice til I looked in a mirror ). So what kind of exersices can I do for my back, belly and thighs?? Thanks!


p.s. i HATE crunches no crunches PLEASE!!!!!

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If you got yourself in the gym a couple of times a week then you could easily burn off those extra pounds and feel great about yourself and the way you look again. Hell, you dont even have to go to the gym to do it!


As long as you dont suffer from joint problems it would probably be a good idea for you to go out running, maybe you and your boyfriend could do it together! Before you start you need to get yourself a decent pair of running shoes so that you dont cause uneccesary shock to your joints.


Start out by going for a 15 or 20 minute run 3 times a week, you can do this at a pace which suits you as long as you keep it steady so that you arent gasping for air after 5 minutes! After a few weeks increase the run to about 30 minutes. The best thing about running is that you can do it at a time of day which suits you (so there is no excuse not to do it!)


Once you have done this you should be able to increase the amount of time you run for by about 10% each week. You wont see results instantly but trust me, they will be there!


For a real motivation boost you could take a picture of yourself before you start your regime and then another about 4 or 6 weeks into it, you will see how effective it has been!


As for the beer, you dont need to stop drinking it, just try to cut back a bit and remember that if you drink more than one or two pints in an evening, you will have to work extra-hard the next day to burn it off. This will give you a real sense of achievement - but thats not an excuse to drink!!


Speak to your boyfriend and see what he thinks, get him to encourage you and motivate you in this. It would be great if you could both run together as then you can keep each other going and also have some company so that it doesnt get boring.


I hope this helps!


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what kind of exersices can I do for my back, belly and thighs??
There aren't any exercises that you can do to reduce weight on a particular area of the body (this is called spot reduction and hasn't been proven to work). Weight loss is an all-over thing!


If you are looking to tone these parts of your body then you might want to consider signing up to a gym or looking around on the internet for stretches and exercises that you can do at home to tone these body parts.



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Cardio exercises burn fat off the entire body. Use the bicycles, treadmills, or eliptic machines at your gym. The best way to lose weight is through evercise. Trying to diet will be too frustrating, although yeah, you should eat in moderation. But exercise is key.

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I just found this in one of my exercise books, it confirms what Scout said above about dieting:

Weight loss diets offfer the worst of all worlds. For a start, they are based on giving up things that you like, so right from the off you are working against the grain and feeling lousy. Secondly, sticking to a diet is a demanding, full-time job. Thirdy, when you do fall off the wagon - and everyone does - you are inclined to put on even more weight than before.


With regular exercise you aren't giving anything up and you are gaining all along the line: picking up new skills, boosting your self-seteem, doing wonders for your health and improving your appearance.


I hope this help you out some more!


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This is one of my favorite topics.


A lot goes into weight loss, especially if you want to lose the weight on a more perm level. Resistance training burns more fat then aerobic training. However you will receive more benefit by incorporating both into an exercise program. The fact is, the bigger your muscles the more fat you burn. A program of 30-45 minute resistant trainging program such as weight lifting along with aerobic exercise like the treadmill, elliptical, etc. done between 20-45 minutes a day 4-5 days a week. However that is not all...Proper diet is a very strong part of weight reduction. At first it will seem extravagent making sure you get proper protein and nutrients. Being and staying fit is a way of life, just like your few beers a week. I would recommend cutting your drinking days and just have one day a week to look forward to for a treat. Don't bother with those weight watcher diets, you may lose weight, but you are losing muscle as well. Thats a whole other area I can cover, but won't because it will be way too long.


One more tip...do your aerobic workout in the morning before you eat. This has shown a greater loss in fat.


Anyway I hope that helps feel free to ask more.



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I have managed to lose weight and tone up without giving up my drinks, but would now only drink about once a week. Come to think of it I also haven't given up chocolate (although I should).


I guess my motivation for starting exercise was that I was trying to win my ex back over (and I think it's about 50/50 that I may have been successful - fingers crossed). But once I started going to the fym every day - my motivation shifted away from that. When you see results your motivation shifts on to other things... yourself, your well-being, just the enjoyment of going to the gym in the first place etc... And apart from that, yeah I have dropped a couple of dress sizes, but fact is I look healthier and appear happier and more confident. I'm sure that when my ex noticed something different that was it. (Partly because he first noticed the difference after two weeks and I hadn't lost anything then - but felt a lot better).


I say if it's going to do that for you then do it! I had never gotten into fitness like a lot of my friends because I'm more into individual pursuits when it comes to things like that, and not team sports. Now that I'm discovered the gym, fitness is one of my main interests. Just make sure you adjust your diet accordingly. I do a lot in there (100 minutes of cardio per day, and weights on top of that every second day). When I first started my appetite went through the roof! I wondered what the point was if I felt like I could eat a whole pizza afterwards. That must have just been a bit of an adjustment phase, because once in my routine, any craving for any fast food that I ever had before are gone! My appetite is naturally healthier. I also had a few problems until I adjusted my protein intake accordingly - you need quite a bit more doing the kind of exercise I'm doing.


I was concerned at the beginning about what it would look like to have muscle. I have put on muscle in my arms and legs - but they are smaller and look better!


Oh and by the way - if your bf has ever said anything about thinking that a little extra weight is cute and sounded genuine, he probably was. I know dozens of guys who feel that way. What it sounds like to me is that your not comfortable with it - and that's a good reason to tone up. Having a positive attitude about your body right from the beginning will help you do that though - so don't cover up. Be proud of every inch both before and after any changes you make. I had a bf (not the ex that I refer to now) who liked to grab at a roll of fat I had, and at first I was ashamed about it. Then I decided to lose weight and I used to just laugh and say "Well play with it while you can, because it's going!"

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