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what girls like in men

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When I was 15, I always liked the guys that smiled a lot and were friendly. Come to think of it, I still like guys like that. I also liked (and still do) guys that would take the iniative to talk to me, be friendly...not be overbearing or anything, but just interested in talking with me.


Let's face it, being a teen is not exactly the most secure time in our lives. You're always wondering what your peers think about you, etc., and so you really appreciate the ones who go out of their way to be friendly and approachable.

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I think that's really attractive in a guy. It's hard to explain, but when you can tell a guy is confident, it's just... really attractive.



and everything Scout just said. Very true about the smiling, too. Initiative.... etc.

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Personality...and him to be secure...i LOVE JOkers! they always tend to get my attention..They dont have to look HOt even they just have to have the attitude of a hot guy? U know what i mean? lol


Im confusing myself..The guy just has to have a life and friends with a dream of some sourt...A life goal..And ill fall for that kinda guy...KK bYe

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1.) Quiet Confidence- humbleness.


2.) Sense of Humor- Someone who can laugh at the little things in life, and isn't always uptight about things.


3.) If he Respects his Elders- If a guy takes his time to respect elders, it shows that he has respect for people in general. He has a kind/sensitive heart.


4.) Intellect- Someone who I can find stimulating intellectual conversations with from 'relationships'-->'politics'.


5.) Well-Roundedness- A guy who has a well-rounded personality. Someone who has his moments of goofyness and seriousness. Also, someone whose well-rounded in his accomplishments in life & his personal hobbies.


6.) Sponteneity- Guys who are open to trying 'new' things, whether it may be trying different cultural foods. (I.E.-trying out Persian food without judgeing it.) I think that sponteneity correllates with being "open-minded". Of couse this doesn't mean that he should have to try things that are "out of the ordinary." (I.E. grasshoppers ). But in general, things that are different.


7.) Experience- Someone who has a lot of knowledge about life. He's been there, done that, and has survivied to be a 'nice' person (even through heart-aches of relationships. If he never gives into being a bad boy, & remains true to himself no matter how many times he's been heartbroken).


8.) Chivalry- Common courtessy. Knows how to treat a girl right, and doesn't play games.


9.) Responsibility- Someone takes pride in accomplishing goals. Whether it may be career, schooling, or taking care of family/elders/children. He doesn't blame others for his mishaps. Instead, he picks himself up and is determined to improve his life/other people's lives around him.


10.) Sincerity- It's easy to decode a person's sincerity through their actions. For instance, when no one's watching him, how does he treat others? If he's genuine about his kindness, then he'll respect people even when no one's watching. It's even cuter when you see him hand over a dollar to a homeless person, thinking that no one notices. It just shows his compassion towards others. Sensitivity is always sweet. O

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