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Kill Me Now


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a poem i wrote...please reply....if you wanna hear another one, just say the word.....

Kill Me Now


Kill me now and kill me softly,

Reap death upon my small cold body,

My soul's already dead,

I'm already dead,

Tears will come and tears will go,

Now forever she will know,

She did wrong,

And she was harsh,

I was the target

She had the darts,

She didn't have to throw them, but,

She threw them all the same,

Now my heart is living,

Vengeance pumping through my veins,

I loved him as I loved my life,

Now she's gone and done it twice,

She'll wake in darkness,

In the night,

I'll scream my agony,

My sadness, my strife,

I cannot control myself,

I scream with knives,

Knives are everywhere,

Brutal, yes,

I don't care,

Kill me now and kill me softly,

Grow roses on my grave,

You may think you've done me harm,

But I've really just been saved.

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