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HOW MANY of u have been caught at one time or another?....I would say its embarrassing of course (cause it has happened to be) I ADMIT IT!


my ? is---what do u do afterwards?..do u stop it altogether?..do u act like its normal?....


my situation goes like this- i got caught by my bro....he just walked in my room...and kept talkin to me bout a book he got....of course he noticed...he walked out 10 sec. later! so.....what do u guys think?....things CAN be worse than this....right?



this is like that episode of seinfeld- george gets caught by his mom! shes hospitalized!

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Hey don't let that stop you. He is your brother and he does the same darn thing. Atleast you father or mother did not catch you because that is REALLY embarrassing. I know I got cought by my father when I was a teen. I had a hard time coming out of my room to goto school that day. I was so embarrassed for a while.


Hell it never stopped me from doing it after that. I just made sure I would not be disturbed.

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Hello guys...


Thank you for reminding me how truly EMBARRASSING it was to be caught by my mom... I was 15 and had borrowed a porn vid from a friend and well...I kinda was caught with my pants at my ankles. Now, THAT was embarrassing... Not to mention the address I got concerning the consumtion of porn...


But today I just smile about it... Didn't stop me from enjoying it...lol!

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lol, I haven't got caught yet, but I can imagine how embarrassing that is. I could have been caught a couple of weeks ago, I was moaning quite loudly and my brother heard me outside my bedroom, and he ask me what the hell I was doing and tried to open my door. Good thing I had it locked, cause if my brother walked in and saw me...omg I dunno what will happen next.

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Well in your case Samantha it is different when your brother catches you. YIKES!! I got very uncomfortable when I thought of that sight. *shudders for you*


Man Steve you got nailed by your mom damn I thought I had it bad. Phew

After all these years I finally feel so much better that I am not the only person to get caught by their parents.



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Thanks for these words of comfort, hubman! Bad enough this thing came back into my memory...


Well, but in the end it did not do much damage and today it is nearly forgotten... Still it is good to know that I am not the only one with a story like this...


Just keep smiling about it...there could be things worse...

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Hahaha Steve I do think about it now and I laugh at myself because I still cannot believe I got caught. I told my friends about it and they almost passed out from laughing at my bad luck. I can say at the time I was tramatized by the whole ordeal. Well as I said I am happy that I am not the only person who got caught like this.



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Don't worry about it buddy He probably doesn't give a rats. You know the reason this kind of story line has come up on TV a bit is because it does actually happen.


I have a friend who thought that everyone had forgotten his birthday (it was his 19th). He'd gone home and it looked quiet, went to a couple of friend's places and there was no one there, so he went home again and actually went in this time. Thought oh well, some birthday, started to masturbate and was going to go to bed after that. No sooner had he actually started than "SURPRISE!!!" - people jumped out from behind walls, furniture etc... and had all caught him. His parents, his relatives, all his friends, his boss.... And no - I'm not kidding, this really is true.


So see - could have been worse. This is actually a log time ago now and he's in his 30's. He has actually managed to tell the story to a few close friends when we've gone through our "embarrassing moments" and he can actually have a laugh about it. Not that he tells the story often though!

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In college I walked into my roommates room to get something, and I never knocked. As soon as I opened the door...I hear the vcr shutting off. So I just tried to ignore what happened and just get what I came for. As I turned around I caught his hand moving...I mean...couldn't he atleast wait until I left the room. About 15 minutes later I needed something from his room again, this time I knocked. He said come in, I knocked again...just to make sure.



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Which reminds me of my first party with alchohol in college... it was among a few friends, I never drank a sip (has reputation of being the "pure" one, so all guys kept the alchohol off me), well, it got late, so I took a few friends home. Next day, met up with some friends for lunch and my friend just said,


"OMG, you cannot imagine what happened to me last night! You know our friend -----? My roommate ended up having sex with her while I was in the room! I couldn't sleep all night because they're moaning and rolling on their bed and I am just accross the room!"

"Why didn't you leave?"

"I was hella tired and I was not about to give up my bed just so those two can have sex in private!"


I can only wonder if my two friends remembered anything after they woke up. I never dared ask them.

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