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the "friend" zone

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I don't mind it at all. I mean woman are just like guys as they have interests too and deal with problems in life...I think it's pretty cool at times just to simple talk to girls as that I way I could a better idea how other members of the opposite sex are...there not that much different at all...

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The only time it can be a bad thing is when you like the girl. Then you can get an awkward situation of wanting to be more but not wanting to risk your friendship. Plus she could always say she wants to be just friends even though you want more. Otherwise, being friends with a girl is great. You have someone to talk to and hang out with. And if anything does develop between the two of you, you already know what the other person is like. The underlying friendship can make for a deeper relationship.

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It seems like they run the risk of becoming too close? would you want to spend a lot of time with someone that you aren't going to get to 'sleep' with? doesn't it seem like a waisted opportunity after a while?


The guy eventually wants someone that he can pair up with, and if she isn't into it, it can get old after a while.

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being in the "friend zone" doesnt have to be a bad thing. It can be a bad thing you happen to like the girl and she wont give you the time of day. You are right if you are going to be in that zone then you should take full advantage of your situation instead of crying about what you dont have. Instead you move on and enjoy her friends

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