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my mum just left her abusive partner and im scared she might go back.


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my mother was with this man for four years, the whole relationship he was abusive and very violent.


i have only just moved back home a few months ago and was completely unaware to the extent of it. in the two months i have been back she has had 2 - 3 separate incidents of black eyes and bruises all over her body. he is an alcoholic with a rage that is set of by the smallest of things...


over the years my mum has had a dislocated knee, broken arm and numerous facial injuries..


the weekend just gone was the worst of it though and he was not only viollent to my mum but to my auntie that was visting. this led to my whole fsmily discovering the horrible truth and pretty much forcing my mum to break up with him.


my mum doesn't have any friends due to the constricted relationship and my family live hours away so she has no support here apart from me.

he has been begging and promising her that he will change, im so scared that she will go back to him because she is lonely... she has already hinted that she could handle going back as she does not want to be alone.


i also have younger siblings who have witnessed these incidents. i don't want them to live with this anymore.


can someone please give me advise on what to do please

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I have more far reaching things to suggest. Does she own her own home or rent? If she rents she should move now. She might not think it would be good for her younger children but she's made a huge mistake in staying with this guy. I am being harsh here, I realize, but she needs to get as far away from him as she can...like a few states, if you're in the US. She needs to take responsibility for what he's like, for making a bad choice, and get rid of this guy. Sadly, most abused women can't do this. And if you are the only one there, you are at risk as well. RUN like hell away from this guy. He could kill you all!



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