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how to reignite the spark or at least reignite meaningful conversations?


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I and my GF broke up about a month ago. We still live together and I'm hoping to get her back (though I'm quite sure it's a false hope) Anyway, when I come home we hardly talk... "How was your day?" and that's it. As if none of us were interested as a matter of fact... What should I do to make us talk again? And do you have any good advice on how to reginite the spark between two people? I do love my EX-GF but I think I'm losing her every day...



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You don't need to be outgoing to do those things, as for the last part maybe try some volunteering to get out. The problem is that you two still live together, there's no chance for her to know what it's like without you there. You need to rebuild attraction by doing things for yourself who knows maybe when your out you might meet someone new instead. Just focus on yourself for now and make yourself happy.

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I guess I wanted to start a different thread actually... but instead doing that I'm deluding myself... The truth is that I don't want to do anyting for myself anymore, I'm fed up with fighting with everything and everyone. Let's consider this thread closed, there's 99% probability that it's not possible to get my ex back. I'll post what I really feel in a different one.


Anyway, thanks BrianH46.

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