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What Changes after I Love You


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Just wondering if you should feel differently after the "I love you" conversation? I have been dating a guy for 1.5 months and we exchanged our love sentiments already. Seems fast...but feels right. Could it be love already, or just infatuation? Part of me is still hesitant about him and his intentions - which is definitely my issue, not his - but I am in love with him and really value/admire who he is. He told me I'm a beautiful person which made me feel like gold.


I guess I'm struggling with authenticity of the love -- I don't think a man says he loves a woman if he doesn't feel it with every bone in his body - that has been my experience. And I have been wanting to say it for a while, too - although I admit I fall for people quickly. I just feel like we should be talking more (like every night) or sleeping over together every night or meeting parents (even though we're older)...


My last text to him was at 3:30 - not really something to reply to, but haven't heard back from him and it's 9:12...feeling like if someone loves me, they should always be thinking of me and contact me often. Am I being too needy? I feel like once I have someone's love, I get sort of neurotic. I really stink at this dating stuff. Sigh...

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My boyfriend said he loved me after 2 weeks. We've been together six months. He treats me every single day like a princess (not that I act like one, in terms of texting nice things, being affectionate, telling me he loves me, making me food, stroking my hair...just lovely little things)


Lust wasn't even an initial factor with us, it was friendship and humour.


He said he knew on the first date I would be 'the one' and if anything the love has grown and the good times have got better


It is possible!

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This post reminded me of a hilarious post of two guys..watch it..the question about LOVE comes by..


I have had a guy tell me he loved me too. That period of time is too fast to be real love..lust, infatuation, fondness..yes..but love..no. The words can show promise though..it might not be the 'real love' yet..but it can be build towards that. It just means you still need to take things slow. Because time will tell you if that's really love or if it was just infatuation.

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