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Is it normal to have more guy friends than girlfriends?


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When I was little I hung out with my brother and his friends a lot. I would go to there houses play video games/sports. I used to be really shy and quiet. I found it hard for me to make friends and express myself. I did so by playing sports and video games to show my personality. I am a goofball and very playful; carefree. I have more guy friends than girl friends because I find it easier for me to make friends with guys than girls because I hate drama and I find them to be annoying sometimes. The other reason why I have more guy friends than girl friends is because I act like a guy. I tell them I play video games and automatically it attracts them and they get all surprised that I play, and from there we build a friendship. On the downside, some guys will end up liking me which I try to avoid because I don't want to hurt there feelings. This is the annoying part because I just want to be friends.


I do have lots of close friends that are girls too and I have hung out with them, but we seem to grow apart even though we've been friends since grade school. So I am trying too look for more girl friends. These past few months, I have been clubbing a lot with my close female friend. Since my brother usually DJs at the club, I met many club promoters that are mostly guys. I usually only went clubbing with a girl friend, but since I met the promoters, I went alone without a girl friend and stuck with the guys. I been chilling with them a lot and I usually follow them around since I don't wanna get lost in the crowd and I don't have a girl friend with me to stick with. I just feel comfortable around them. I am just as playful and immature as they are. I like being the only girl or being around with all guys with few girls. There's less tension and competition and I don't like to fight over things like girls do. I only have 2 close girl friends that are into guy stuff. I also have a best guy friend too. I want to go clubbing more not because I wanna dance, but to chill with the guys, but not sure if that's a good idea to do every week. I just do it to get to know more people and I have made progress and made lots of friends. The guys introduce me to there girl friends too. Even though I am the only girl, I felt safe with the promoters because they protect me and I am pretty sure they won't try to do anything to me because my brother will be on there case if they do and other guy promoters to help me if one of them cross the line.


I always wanted to have a balance and have a couple more girl friends to hang out with, but I usually end up with guys.... even when I don't intend on hanging with them.

I went on a trip with my friends, 7 guys and 3 girls (the 2 close female friends).


It doesn't matter what I do, I just end up with all guys... Sometimes I wonder if it's normal to have more guy friends than girl friends. Some people ask me why I have more guy friends.

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"Normal" is unimportant. It's just about who you click with, and so long as there isn't something neurotic about who you tend to make as friends, it's not something to fret over. For example, if you had difficulty making friends with women because you see them as threats - and there are people like that - this would be something to worry about. That's not what's happening, it's just that your personality more closely matches the guys you meet. There's nothing wrong with that.

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I have a lot more guy friends than girl friends. I'm a big ol' geek. I have a degree in computer science, I tend to think logically (as opposed to emotionally), I'm not into make-up or shoes. I'd much rather talk about politics or the new gadget coming out than about how Tina slept with Joe and how Jessie is mad (or whatever).


I think it's normal to gravitate towards people with similar interests. Some interests are just geared more towards one gender than the other.


I agree with Godless, though. If you have less girl friends than guy friends? No problem. If you have NO girl friends and ONLY guy friends? You might have a problem.

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