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Started talking recently but I'm confused


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I met this guy through a friend of mine in the summer. We hung out as a group a few times and sometimes when we catch each other on facebook chat, we can talk for hours. Unfortunately, after summer ended and classes started again, we kind of stopped talking. I rarely go on facebook and it seems like he doesn't much either. There is also the factor that one of my friends mentioned to me that she likes him so I stopped trying for anything. However, I recently confirmed with her that she stopped and is trying to be friends with him only now.


Also, recently, we started hanging out again (since break was getting close). During one the planning stages for our hang outs, he gave me his number to update him about the events. From there on, we just kept texting. It's been around 2 weeks now and we have at least texted each other once everyday - usually about some nonsensical things like what we're doing or if we're bored - and the conversation just goes from there and we text back and forth for hours. Usually it takes him about 10 - 30 minutes to answer back or if he's busy, around an hour, but he eventually answers back to everything.


Do you guys think he's interested? Or just being overly friendly and answering back to texts that I send him? I don't want to seem to desperate and continue to text the guy every day. It's been a while since I've dated or even bothered to flirt with anyone so I'm just worried I'm reading the signs wrong. He told my friend that he wasn't looking for a relationship before, but that was during the summer and I'm not sure if that has changed.


Any advice as to what I should do would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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While I'm usually a modern woman who has NO problem asking a man out... since he told your friend at one point that he wasn't looking for a relationship, I think you need to let this one come to you. That means that nothing means anything until he actually asks you on a date. His texts mean nothing. His flirtations (if there) mean nothing. His advances (if he does that) means nothing. And for goodness sake, don't sleep with him.


He could like you but he also could just be having fun. Since he told you (indirectly) that he doesn't want a relationship - this is exactly what you should assume unless he tells you otherwise. Enjoying spending time with you, talking to you and maybe even having sex with you does NOT mean that he wants a relationship. And don't start thinking you can change his mind.


I think that you should date other people and try to get to emotionally involved with this one unless he asks you on a date (a date - not to "hang out") and/or tells you he wants a relationship.

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I guess I'll just continue to talk to him and see how things goes from there. I wouldn't want to try to push myself onto someone who told my friend he wasn't in need of a relationship either. It's just that the mixed signals were getting to me - one moment I think he's interested and the next, I feel like we should be friends.

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Does he initate texting, or do you usually find yourself initiating the conversation?


It actually goes both ways. Some days he would initiate and then some other days, I do. Usually when we start a convo, it's with some random sentence like "oh I lost at ____" instead of an outright "hey, how are you" etc.

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