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feel like i am stuck still and everyone around me is ahead.what am i doing wron


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I never change. I am always the same.Go to work all week,come home,do nothing,go to dinner with friends occasionally,or a movie or something. I become too attached to people and feel hurt most times. People leave my life,people stuff me around.I am not a nasty person.I pay my own way.I like a joke.I love laughing,music..But i am still stuck here.At this deadend job(money is good),living the routine week in week out and im getting depressed about it.


I'm 25.Never had a real relationship,alot of people i like just dont feel the same. All my friends have boyfriends,fiances etc. Yet here i am single,virgin,never changes.Im so sick of it.I haven't had sex because i haven't met anyone i wanna have sex with.I am not gay.I love men.I just haven't met one yet that i actually love enough to be intimate with. I am not ugly,im quite attractive,not fat,white teeth.Good hygiene and i always try to dress nicely.


what am i going to do?i feel like ill be alone forever. what can i do to increase my chances of meeting someone who likes me too????

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My girlfriend was like that too. She was a virgin too, which was hard to believe with her looks. She trusts me, and that's huge for me. We met on a dating site, and somehow I managed to stand out from the hundreds of guys who messaged her.


The problem isn't finding someone who'll like you. Guys are easy. Any girl can put up any picture on a dating site and guys will message and if you show them any interest, they'll be on-board, but their intentions might not be aligned with yours. The problem is finding the right guy, a really good person. A genuine quality in a man is something I don't see too often either, and I'm a guy. Either they're all taken or they're diamonds in the rough. You're not to blame if you haven't found the right man, I can tell it must mean a lot to you. You're not really doing anything wrong as far as I can tell. Sometimes I think that if I were a girl, almost all the guys I know or encounter, I wouldn't wanna get with either. Keeping that thought in mind, I strive to better myself into being the quality guy a woman would want to be with. Not trying to sound pompous but I don't see this quality in a lot of men, and I'm being really judgmental towards my own gender but a whole lot of them could upgrade themselves. Anyhow, I don't know what kind of a man you're looking for but don't rush into it. Same goes for sex, you shouldn't rush into it, but you probably already know that. You probably think you're old for being a virgin, but I don't think you are. I respect your reason.

Good luck.

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I understand your pain. I was in the same boat a long time as well. I started with the online dating sites because I really didn't like going to bars with a group of people in order to find someone. That scene is becoming less and less resourceful for finding someone genuine. Not saying there aren't genuine people there, just harder to find nowadays. I like the idea about your interests. I like things like sci-fi and comics so I connected with people who liked the same like on forums, etc. The laughing thing is good, maybe you could look into going out to a comedy club once in a while. There are some really cool people there. Especially on amateur night. That may be something you enjoy.


You are young, you have so much going for you, so break that monotonous routine! Shake it up a bit, you're 25! I know, I know, you're probably laid back and shy like me so if you don't have it in you to bust loose, (which I think will be a whole lot of fun, I did it at 25, went to Vegas with the girls and had a ball), then try to find a good guy maybe on one of those dating sites like "Generation" said. I met my bf on there and it worked for me.


We only live once girl and sometimes you just have to rock the boat a little....

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