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Old high school friend


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Hello this is about my old high school friend. We hangout and stuff but recently found out she broke up with her bf. I wanna to be with her but I don't know if I should it how. She recently is under some stress and very depress but not willing to share with me. Today after I got off work I went to her place. I got to er place around 10 pm and we sat in the car for about an hour listening to her what she have to say about her problem.


My question is I really want to be with her but I don't think she like me at all. When we hangout or talk in the car I feel she just treat me as regular friend. When she broke up her other ex begin to ask her out for dinner and after dinner she told me she had a good time with her other ex.


What should I do?

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Well like you said, she only treats you as a regular friend and show no romantic interests. On the other hand, you have romantic interests in her. Therefore, you can't truly be friends as you'll always want something more, and that will hurt you. That's why I'm telling you to back off.


I don't know how long to back off for, but I'd say give it some months. She needs to get over her break up first.


When she wants to talk or hangout, just make yourself busy.

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