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Earlier today i heard two girls who i thought were friendly to me (i say friendly to me cause i really dont consider them as my friends) but anyways i heard them talking bad about me because me and the one girl were laughing and the teacher moved her and the other girl came in from the outside and asked her if i got her moved and i told her no we were both laughing and then later on i heard the other girl say to her we werent both laughing her big head ass is the one that got me introuble and later on the one girl was like whats wrong and the one that got moved replied im just tired of her, its really not funny anymore. (im not too sure if thats what she said but im pretty sure she said something like that) and the other girl said me too agreeiing. Its just situations like these where i think of that i want to become a more serious person instead of getting picked on (theyre just kidding when they do pick on me). I hate being so bubbly and nice...i want the respect i deserve! whats should i do? also when i see these girls i dont want to pick a fight, should i just ignore them? or still talk to them but not in a friendly manner?

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