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What to do???


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Any advice would be great.


Had a date, wasn't supposed to be a date but kinda turned into one. Made out at the end a bit. She is stunning and I'm suprised anything happened.


Trying not to scare her off, but really want to see her again. I find it difficult not going in all guns blazing. Should I leave it alone now for her to initiate the next move?

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Do the next day text..'had fun etc'


Than after a few days initiate another date, If she responds to that. communication will start from there on..


Don't leave her to do the initiating in the beginning..thats so annoying. Unless she does it because she wants to..but dont wait. Because she will most likely wait for you to show some action..

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I cannot speak for all women, but I would say I am more attracted to a guy who has the confidence to ask me out. Even if it is a guy I feel 50/50 about, him being confident and with a plan would definitely create some interest.


If she made out with you, there is a 99% chance she is into you. Don't take the sexiness out of it by making her do the asking...At least at the beginning.

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