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No Contact is hard...


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I've been NC since saturday.. and i'm starting to wonder if he's thinking about me..does he miss me?


i did LC after the breakup for a month.. only texting once a week.. after a month i ended up seeing him in my car and everything was the same. it was so comfortable and we hooked up.


since then we've been on and off texting trying to be friends and hooked up a total of two times (the only times we were together.) and he constantly complimented me but i held back, because i know it would just feed his ego. i refused to have sex when he really wanted it but i just couldn't do that.


He blew me off two weekends ago and i realized he was just taking advantage of me. He refused to see me on my birthday when i asked if we could just talk about the breakup in person to get everything out. I needed him to understand this wasn't my fault and he has to realize i had no other choice.. he was being an * * * * * * * , i needed to stick up for myself.


After that we continued to text a little (sext..) until his mom picked me up fro the movies (as a bday gift, still close with family) and she told me to NOT be his friend & he is just using me (doenst know we hooked up) and that he came home and told her he's never going to go out with me again and i'm obsessed with him. which is weird because i feel like he is trying to convince himself that he doesn't want to be with me anymore, because he's already made such a big deal out of not taking me back. Because when i see him in person, i can see it in his eyes he doesn't want to let me go...but anyway.


i stopped answering his text and went to the movie. that night i went to a party and texted him for a ride. when he sent me this long thing about him being grounded and won't be able to see his friend for a long time... i just gave him an oh sorry. and he responded "...ok then. you obviously don't care don't talk to me anymore bye"


Later that night i went to a party and saw him there.. i remained social..he sat in the corner alone drinking looking at his phone. it looked like he was trying not to cry....... i ended up leaving because it was just too much... and he continued to sit in the corner after i left.



that was the last time we spoke or saw each other. So after giving him a cake and letting him eat it too i started to pull back... now i'm just wondering if maybe he's wondering what i'm up too? of if he's noticed? apparently his mom told him the same thing i did, the breakup wasn't my fault.. and she would have done it too with how he was acting. so now that is slowly sinking in his mind.




i know i have to move on.. i'm trying. i just post here when i need to have some feedback.. i mean we both have to move on & heal..


i mean if you love something let it go, if it comes back its yours..right? i'm just going to keep my no contact... he has some growing up to do it seem?


his actions and words are contradictory a lot..



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If you love something let it go, if it comes back it's a boomerang.


Seriously though. Being in contact hasn't worked. He knows he can have you if he wants to. So go NC and move on.


I'm taking it that you are quite young if his Mom is picking you up at the movies. Relationships during the teen years don't typically last. It's a time to experiment and try different people on for size. At that age you should be out enjoyinglife, not piming for some boy. Get out ther and have some fun. You are only young once.

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I've said it before, and I'll say it again, there is no reason to be in contact with an ex unless you had kids together. Someone else said in another thread that if someone is willing to walk away from you, let them walk. Contacting an ex is the equivalent of stringing yourself along and putting yourself at their mercy. You're telling them they can treat you like garbage, run you through the wringer, and you'll still be there. Why? Because you're placing the responsibility of your happiness on them.

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god, everything is what you think he thinks, what you "see in his eyes", what he looks like to you.


what he looks like is a reflection of you wanting him to want you back. until he comes to you and says that he wants you back, he wants to reconcile, AND he takes the appropriate actions for your forgiveness, you're just prolonging your hurt. the other posters are correct, go NC. hopefully he'll realize what he's losing and will come back. HIS mom told you that he's using you. that's a HUGE flashing warning right there.

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i'm 19 haha, she picked me up cause i had no gas..


but yeah i am going NC i have no reason to talk to him either.. he's getting a surgery this month, but that's not my problem..



if he's not going to realize that he's being an idiot and i never did anything wrong...then he's crap.



On saturday it'll be one week


his actions and words are contradicting.. how annoying!

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His actions and words do not seem contradictory at all. Both say that he is not interested in being with you. What is contradictory is his actual actions/words (e.g, blowing you off, refusing to see you on your birthday, speaking negatively about you to his mom, straight up telling you he doesn't want to be with you) and how you are choosing to interpret his "actions" (e.g., he looked like he was about to cry, I can see it in his eyes, I know he's just convincing himself he doesn't want me, etc.). You are giving waaaaaay too much weight to these "mixed signals" you're creating in your head. If he's already telling people you're crazy/obsessed with him, please remain NC.

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