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Gift ideas for my General Manager?

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Our staff, mostly the front desk, is getting a gift for our amazing General Manager. There's so far about 6 people chipping in at about $10 each. We want to get her something a bit permanent and we know she likes jewelry. But other than that, we don't know much. She works 12-16 hours a day and until recently she worked 7 days a week. So, if she does have a personal life, she's obviously to busy to tell us much about it.


A hotel she used to manage in florida 30 years ago got her a gold hearts necklace. She still wears it everyday to this day. And for that reason we don't want to get her a necklace. It's kinda like saying "our turn, wear ours". The idea of a bracelet is floating around. But we'd like to gather more options and hopefully find something we can afford. We're already getting a 90 minute massage for the owner and we're using company money for that, which is why we're using our money for our GM. Our deadline is Christmas. Or if we have to order it online, a week before then.



And here's some basic info that we do know.

She's in her 70's

She just quit drinking

She's been working in the hotel business for...ever

And she's probably the nicest lady I've ever met

She has mention that her necklace from her Florida staff is one of her most treasured posessions.


That's about it...

AAny suggestions would be more than appreciated!

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How long has she worked for your hotel? Usually people receive jewlery after working with the company for 20 years or something. That necklace may have significant meaning because she spent a significant part of her life there.


Personally? I wouldn't try to compete. Maybe when she retires... but not for Christmas. Not with $60. But... I mean... jewlery is never a bad idea...


I'd go for something different. If she picked out the massage for the owner - she probably likes spas (people often pick stuff that they themselves would like). How about a mani/pedi? That's nice. Or gift certificates for a nice restaurant. You can also get very nice chocolate/food/preserves baskets at Costco. They have a billion of them and they are quite nice.


Something more permanent? Yeah - you are back to jewlery. Not to generalize but people - especially people in their 70's - have a lot of knick knacks. And unless you know her tastes? It will be difficult.

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Well, typical business gifts are leather briefcases, art and coffee table books for the office, gift baskets.


The matching bracelet is a decent idea. $60 probably won't buy a gold/silver bracelet, though. What about a gift certificate to a fancy restaurant if you know she is married or has a companion? Something that implies "take a break on us". What about getting her a massage like you are doing for the owner? Do you know if she is open to some pampering?


Is there anyone that is close to her that can give other ideas?

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She is married.

We only have two chain restaurants in town and as locals we don't care for that stuff. But the other 60 are local places and we could probably find one that does give gift certificates for meals, hopefully one that she likes.


The $60 thing could double. So far, only 6 people know about this and when and if we tell Housekeeping and Maintenance it could be much more. Like I said, she's the nicest lady in the world and I don't think we've ever had any employee say something negative about her.


She's worked with two of our employee's at other hotels over the years and they've all said the same thing. She works many, many hours with little to no days off and doesn't speak much about her personal life. So even everyone that's read this knows as much about her as anyone at the hotel.

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