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women, is this some sort of code or lies or truth...im so confused.


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Ok, all goes well for along time, im talking months of just having great times together, caring conversations and such... made out a few times, unbelieveable good times at venues and such. even going as far as having sex BUT... when you have that conversation of wanting the title you get "Your a great catch, you have alot going on for you etc" and it doesn't materialize to anything.


i know it means your not going to end up together but whats, the deal?


was she just softening the blow of saying no, or just stating the truth of me being a good catch... so far ive had like two girls do this to me... one literally cried to me saying she wish she would have known what she had at the time....and now the most recent one, feels really bad about bailing out on me and sent me a 11pg apology text.... * * * lol.. how come girls cant just be like ok you know what, lets make this official instead of running off and then crying to me later on... im not a fall-back and i don't do this intentionally. i really don't know how or why this happens to me... so far im like 3 for 3 in these situations... and i want it to stop.. i just want somebody who, is like ok, imma stick to him.


any thoughts or opinions will be greatly appreciated.


is there something i need to change about myself? i ask my self tireless questions and i really dont know what i should change about myself if there is any.

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Hi there! Hmm I would say ask or have "that" conversation earlier than what you have done in these instances, then if they want to bail they can and do it before your feelings grow anymore for them. I do this early on to see if they really want to be with me or just...whatever else! Gal

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I never did well with the "What are we?" conversations. I've always been the one to have to dive in for clarification on whether or not we were official, but I've always thought it would be romantic if a guy actually asked me to be his girlfriend. I mean it's sort of elementary school I suppose, but wouldn't it just be so heart melting ladies?


So did she bolt after you tried to have the conversation? Are you still seeing each other? and if so is it exclusive on both ends"?

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Sounds like these girls you have met are wanting to relationship without the label.

And when the question of what are we when it becomes blatantly obvious that this is basically a relationship they believe it's time for the fun to end because they do not want to be tied down to one man when there are so many other men out there, that they can have the same kind of fun with in the future.


But the thing is, emotions do not necessarily follow a label or what is being said.

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