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Need womens opinions purrlease impotence and alcohol


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Hey all, just thought I'd ask for some opinions on this...


Last night, I ended up going out, completley unplanned. I was in the house till gone 22:30, had ahemm "relief" and then suddenly got a call to go out. I had been out the night before too, drinking.


Cut a long story short, I ended up hooking up with a very cute woman my age, whom is a friend of a friend and is much more sexually experienced than me lol.


Even though I was dressed up etc, she pretty much made all the moves on me.


We went back to a impromptu house party and drank pretty much continually until we ended up in a room together, in kinda weird cicumstuances (on a settee in someones living room). It was gone 5:30 in the morning by this point and she initated sexual activiity.

I had drank A LOT by this point as you can imagine, as I was approaching 6 hrs of alcohol consumption. This was coupled with me having "hand relief" earlier on.


I know, I know I'm an idiot and should have stopped at like 2 beers but tbh I had no idea she was going to be so voracious later on in the night lol.


Let me just say at this juncture that in terms of endowment I am slightly above average, and she seemed pleased initially. Of course, I was not capable of getting any semblance of a full erection. In all fairness she performed oral sex on me which my old boy did not respond very much too, I offered to return the favour (she refused) as it turns me on.

She then got on top, and annoyingly, I could feel some life finally kicking in and I was starting to enjoy it.


After about 2 minutes in however, for whatever reason mid ride she climbed off, muttered something about "not being right" or some such term and we ended up going to sleep basically. In my drunken stupor I tried asking but after about 2 mins of not replying the penny dropped it was probably me not getting hard.


She uttered a few things about "hardly knowing me" and "don't do this type of thing usually" both of which frankly probably aren't true or relevant. Obviously I can't help feeling that my alcohol/nerves related non-performance had something to do with coupled with her intoxicated tired state.


I know this is no bid deal and happens all the time but I just wanted to know what womens opinions of this are, do they take into account the level of intoxication at all? I did send her a FB message, and jokingly said I had drank "wayyyyy to much" but have not received a reply yet lol.


So, what's the deal ladies, how big a deal is this, have I completely ruined any chances of anything again with her in the future?


And yes I have just placed an order for viagra and levitra for my wallet on nights out from now on!

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I think it's common knowledge that when a guy drinks, he is less able to "perform". I don't think it has anything to do with you in particular, nor is it anything to be ashamed of.


Now... does SHE in particular realize this? Did she want a one-night stand or something more? If it was just a ONS for her... well... you may not get another chance. If she likes you - you probably will.


No need for drugs (viagra, levitra) - perfectly normal.

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Thanks both, that's a relief.


It's been really and I mean really bothering me today as it's actually happened before it's just the women were cool with it and at least one wanted to hook back up after. But this one was really was quite "off" afterwards at least sexually though still friendly. Hell I'm probably over anlysing she was wasted herself and we were both dead tired. We didn't exchange numbers or anything.


RedDress, she has just come out of a 1yr relationship, well about a month ago I gather. Don't think she is looking for anything serious but I would realllllly like "another shot" as she is very cute, this time sober and in a big bed lol.


Ahhh I'm kicking myself but there ya go if I hadn't been out I wouldn't have met her in the first place.


Guess I'll just see how she responds on FB.


Thanks again guys.

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Definatley greywolf, which is cool with me as we move in the same(~ish) social circle. I just hope I get a chance to redeem myself, as another "one off".


Oh, I see. If that's the case, don't be pushy about it. You'll probably get another chance, though it might not be anytime soon.

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