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trouble conceiving


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ok ladies, im 20 and already have a 2 yr old daughter. My husband and I are trying to have another baby but i cant seem to get pregnant.

Ive taken 3 pregnancy tests, 1 Dollar General Brand, another the Relax brand, & the other Clearblue. The Relax one said i was pregnant like 5 mins after taking using it. The clearblue had a very faint plus but the dollar general one was negative..


None of these were taken with 1st morning urine, they were all mostly at night. We are trying but nothing.

Any remedies or advice && what are ya'll thinking on those previous pregnancy tests

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You took 3 tests and 2 of them came back positive. You are definitely pregnant. It doesn't matter how faint the second line (or plus sign) is - if it's there at all, you're pregnant.


The reason the third one showed negative is that different brands have different sensitivities. The one that showed negative must have had a lower sensitivity, meaning that you don't have a lot of the pregnancy hormone in your body yet, meaning that you're probably not very far along.


But you are pregnant.

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