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My roommates are slobs


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I live with another couple, and they both leave a trail of mess everywhere they go.


They lay everything out in the open


Never ever throw their trash away or put anything away or where it goes


They will make food and forget about it. Last night I came home from work and there was a gallon of milk left on the table and the other day there was a bowl of food sitting in the microwave all day.


They leave their dirty clothes laying all over the place and they do laundry maybe once a month.


They hardly do dishes...the guy has done them a few times only after I asked him to.


And one time I got pissed and wanted to clean off the tables and counter tops...but of course I can never do that because there is always piles of their crap collecting dust on them...so I threw off their trash and belongings into a box and put it on a chair, and I threw all their clothes on the couch where the guy sleeps... and now it's a week later and the box is still there and the pile of clothes is still there...and the guy has been sleeping on top of the pile of the clothes....not even kidding.


We moved into this place Oct 1 and I am not joking, on the day we moved in...they basically threw their crap wherever they wanted and that is where it has stayed.


I don't know how people live like this. I'm not even a clean freak. I just like to live in a comfortable home that is decent looking. But they know they are slobs and they have admitted it, and they keep saying, "If we do anything that bothers you, or if we get too filthy, just say something and we will clean it up"


Um, what I want is to not have play the part of mom and have to ask or remind them to clean up after themselves. I want it to be kept clean...all the time, or at least be cleaned up within a reasonable time after the mess has been made.


I don't know what else to do. Me and my bf moved out of our last place because our other roommates were just as unbearable, but it was because they were loud and one of them wasn't paying rent and she tried moving her friends in who were trouble...so we moved out.


Now we are dealing with this crap. Why is it so hard to find roommates who are decent?

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I don't know my roommate and I try to keep the common areas clean. Our rooms can be as messy as we want them to be but not science project messy.


If I remember correctly from your other posts that you have tried to talk to them about it and nothing happened. What are the terms of your lease?? Do you have a buyout clause?? Is there anyone you could get out of this situation?? Could you and bf afford to live in an apartment just the two of you??

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I think the four of you should sit down and talk about the how clean you would like the place to be. I know you don't want to be the "mom" but if you aren't talking clearly with all of them they could easily not know hoe much it is bothering you. They said to tell them if they need to clean up. You said the guy did dishes when you talked about it. It sounds like they are at least open to the idea of hearing you out and you just need to bite the bullet and talk to them. You can also be clear that you don't want to have to bug them and be the "mom". Set rules as a house about common spaces be ready to listen to what they would like to and see what happens form there.

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