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Are we dating? or how I'm terrible at interpreting social interactions


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The Background


My Ex ended our 8 year long relationship in April of 2009. In September, I met the girl in question and we dated till sometime in November. This girl was amazing and embodied everything I wanted in someone. We had tons of fun together, but it was too soon for me because I was still working through major trust issues and still had feelings for my ex. Girl in question ended it and I agreed because I knew I wasn't ready.


She meets new guy, they have a long distance relationship for years, she seems really happy and I start to miss her like crazy.


And today...


She ended up moving in with her boyfriend after years and moved back here after a few months, ending her relationship with him, stating his "ennui" as the reason. So I'm totally unaware of all this until she sends me a message on Facebook one day, asking if I still volunteer as a Big Brother. We talk, we make plans for drinks.


The meeting goes well, we show each other pictures of our nephews and we got comfortable again pretty fast. A few days later, we make plans to see a movie, then we see another one the next weekend and go for drinks.


Here is where we get very close, where she tells me her reason for moving home and breaking up (I had no knowledge as to the reason beforehand) and we shared little things, like how I still have a "binky" and so does she.


She goes back to get the rest of her stuff from her Ex's last weekend and we have plans for the whole day Saturday, where I'll show her some sights around the area and, yet again, a movie and then dinner.


So what's the deal?


That's the thing. I don't know. She's said some things that have given me some suspicion that she's interested in giving it another go.


-Night of drinks she asked if I was over my ex, outright. Which I told her I was and explained why.

-She shows some signs of what I can interpret as interest like, telling me how she "loves when I talk like a lolzcat", loves how i call her "hawt dawg." Yeah, I don't know.

-She's always willing to see me even several times a week.


So that's my positive thinking, but then my realistic/cynicism says "no, you're reading in to it all wrong. she just got out of a relationship and wants a friend."


I really like this girl, a lot. I can't just be her friend, but I don't want to come out and ask her if we're dating or if she's interested either since the tiing between me and her ex is so slim.


How can one approach this?

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How long has it been since she split up with her partner? If it hasn't been that long then i imagine she wants the friend and the attention which she use to get from her partner. I don't think it is dating only because you two are not stating any interest with eachother or wanting to develop it further. I would just carry on as friends at the moment she needs time to heal from her relationship, don't rush something because it will only end bad.

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