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love is such a pain

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hi everybody,

we were in love for almost one and half year and now he started doubting me that i had an affair with some other guy. being a girl i never tried to know about him and believed him blindly in every issue. but now he is hurting me very badly not talking to me for the past one month. i truly love him a lot and i don't know how do i prove him that i never had an affair with anyone. i am in a situation where i need to concentrate a lot on my studies but because of this i am not able to do anything. throughout the day i am just thinking about him and worried what is going to happen. i want to come out of all these thoughts and concentrate on my studies. please help me out.

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thank you nestor. i want to do it but i always gave a position of more than a lover to him so it is hurting me very badly to forget him. i want to him to badly know that i am not such sought of person. i have always been truthful from my side but i dont understand what is wrong with him who used to say each and every minute that he is very lucky to have me.

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You have nothing to prove to him.

In fact, by putting him on a pedestal and feeling he's better than you, you helped kill the relationship


Why do you want to prove you're good when he obviously doesn't care about you or your feelings?

He's the one who should be apologising. But he isn't and that's why you need to let him go.

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yeah you are right. but nestor it is so much of pain to think that all this is happening i cry throughout the day and till night till i fall asleep. still i am not able to erase all this from my mind. sometimes i feel that thinking of him throughout the day will turn into a mad person.

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That's natural, you are grieving, it happens to almost every dumpee after the break up.

Try to find some positives, start working on yourself and keep yourself busy.

Go to the gym, focus on your work/school, hang out with your friends.


Remember, YOU are important here, not him.

You were a normal person before meeting him, you need to be one again.

He was a good PART of your life, but he ISN'T your entire life.


Make yourself a priority and stop acting like you depend on him.

He's obviously fine without you, you need to become fine without him.


Read these forums, there's great advice to be found on this site.

Get yourself back on track and good things will happen to you.

You can do it!

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Finally today i got to know that he got to know it through some unknown person who kept on calling him through some unknown numbers. He knows me better than anyone but still he trusted some unknown I think there no meaning in loving a person who trusts some stupid more than me.

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Hi everyone,

I am still not able to come out of this pain and sorrow. there is no change at all. I tell myself everyday that I need to make a new start and go on as soon as I get up and keep telling this through out the day but its not working. I want to meet him and know what is the actual reason ask him how could he believe someone more than me and why is being such a typical person? I am trying to forget him but every place everything is reminding him. Sometimes I am calling others with his name by mistake. I want to him just for one last time he is not even giving me that chance. don't I deserve at least that?

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