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needs to stop


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Hey everyone,

ive been posting on this site for a few months about my jealousy issues. I am so fed up with myself, and I need the jealousy to stop. I need to learn tools on how to cope with the jealous feelings and get over this horrible thought process. I want to show love to everyone, and be the best person that i can. When i am at work, i am who i want to be. I love my clients so much, and i have such a wonderful time. ( i work with Alzheimer's patients.) but when i am home i dont show as much love for my boyfriend...i get jealous...i break down. I want to be the person i am at work with him. I want to show him just love, and trust and honesty..but i find it so hard.

does anyone have good techniques on how to live life in the present...trust...and just be yourself?

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Jealousy comes from insecurity. If you trust your boyfriend, then you wouldn't get so extremely jealous over every little thing. Without trust, you have nothing. You need to figure out where the insecurity is coming from and why. Are you threatened by others? If so, why? Be completely honest with yourself, because it all comes back to you being very insecure. There must be a reason behind it. Once you figure that out, you'll change.

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