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I posted about this before, but I am literally driving myself insane about it.


I've been seeing this guy for a little while (in my last post we weren't together, but now are trying again, but that's another story) and we had sex for the first time almost two weeks ago and we didn't use a condom. I'm on the pill, and have been for 3 years, I've stopped for a month when I was travelling over the summer, but have been back to normal since August. I was still really worried though, so I went out about 2 hours after it happened to get the morning after pill (next choice). I don't take my pill at the same time everyday, but around the same time, and I don't remember the last time I forgot a pill.


But now it's been two weeks since the sex and about 3 almost weeks since the first day of my last period- so this coming Sunday is when I would (hopefully) start bleeding again. I'm just going crazy because I feel like I'm peeing about every 1-2 hours (or maybe I'm thinking about it too much and that's why). I also felt nauseous earlier today, although this would have been the first and only time. I know I'm really stressing myself out and could be making my body crazy. And I also know I have a really high amount of hormones in my body from taking my birth control and the morning after pill. I guess I just need some advice/reassurance since it's still going to be a bit before I'll know for sure.

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Take a test. They are many early detection tests.( my last pregnancy , this year, I took a reg test not even an early detection and it was a few days before I was due and I got an answer) I am pretty sure you are not pregnant. Take a test for the peace of mind.

PMS can causing a lot of urinating too. A few days before my period is due I am running to the bathroom every hour for about 2 days.

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