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Stuck between two choices.


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I think the little details are important here so please do try to read it all.


A few months ago I met a girl online through some other online friends. We hit it off pretty well that night and the next day she gave me her number. We've spent the last two months now talking to each other all day long. Texting while she's at work, skyping when she's home, that sort of thing. We flirt pretty regularly and she's very receptive to it. We used to do more 'stuff' together online than before. We would sleep with skype running so we could wake each other up in the morning, we would watch a bunch of movies together... that sort of thing. More on this in a second.


Although she's halfway accross the country, the stars aligned and we were able to meet while I was at a friends wedding while in that part of the country. So I took the initiative and asked her if she'd like to go to a hockey game with me on New Years when I'm back in that part of the country. She lit up at the idea but was unsure if she could go due to her work schedule. Well, she decided to take some awful, awful hours in order to spend the entire weekend with me at New Years. I'll be staying at her place (it's small so we'll be sharing a bed).


Anyway, I've been getting mixed signals from her for the past three weeks or so. On the one hand, she seeks me out via texts (if I haven't responded to her in about an hour she texts me almost like clockwork) and, when she's home, we skype until she goes to sleep, flirting a bit, etc. On the other hand, I sometimes get the 'friend zone' vibe. Not deep friend zone, but enough to where it bothers me.


So my dilemma is this. I don't know if I should tell her how I feel about her now or if I should wait until I am there in a month and a half.


On the one hand, I'd like to tell her how I feel now as I'll be moving back to that part of the country soon. On the other, I'd like to make telling her be something special. After the game while watching the Times Square ball drop.


The only problem I have with waiting is myself. I'm starting to get those nervous flutters and bits of anxiety about the idea and I'm not really thinking straight about the whole thing. I've never had anything like this happen before so I've come looking for help.


Thanks in advance.

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