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Your opinions needed, I think I know but . . .


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I wanted to post about my breakup and relationship and would like to hear the opinions from you folks.


It started last year around this time. A woman that I have known for about 8 years started to let people around my circle know that she was interested in seeing me. She was flirty and would text me all the time. She would show up at places that I was at and had never been to the places before. She started taking up my hobby to be around me. I was already in a short term relationship with another woman. That relationship ended and we started seeing each other. After we started seeing each other, I learned that she had just had a rocky breakup from a three and half year affair where she was the other woman. The affair was found out by the wife and the you-know-what hit the fan. Of course the husband went back to his wife but maintained his hooks in her. They were together at the end of last year and we started seeing each other in February. During our relationship it seemed that I could never do anything right, she is very, very insecure. To the point that if I glanced at another woman she would have a fit. She was upset once with me cause I sat at the bar in Applebees and was five stools down from a woman that she didn't like and one that I had taken to dinner once a year before. Anyway she ended with the reason of that I don't think like she does and we didn't think the same on how relationships should be.


I say I was a rebound and that she was trying to get over the married guy, but she claims that she was ready for me and put herself into the relationship 110%. We are four months out of the relationship and she says that she is 'healing' from the hurt from me and him. She has quit her birth control pills and says that she is just trying to find herself again. Which I believe but I still feel that there is no way that she was ready. What say you?


Also she has said that when she is ready to date again that we will go out and see how it goes. I am NC with her but our circles overlap pretty heavily. I am healing from this and it was only five months, she really messed me up cause I tried so hard to make it work. I know it takes two, but I thought that she was the 'one'. LOL

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