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I recently accepted a new job with a glass blower in my area. It is an awesome job! I am training to replace her assistant who is about a month away from delivering her baby. The job lets my artistic side go a little wild, like I got to rearrange two galleries and decorate for the season, but still requires me to be organized and computer savvy. It has some fantastic perks, like free access to torch and kiln time and glass and I can sit in on any of her classes for free. This weekend I even made some items that were sold to a customer.


As much as I love my new job, I don't know if I should put it on my resume.


I have an engineering degree and I'm applying to grad school. My resume is part of the application. I don't know if it would be good or bad to include this job. I know it would make me appear hard working as I am working two jobs right now, I'm an assistant manager in retail, too. However, this glass job is so much of an artistic position and I think it could be consider unrelated. It is chemistry, understanding glass is a huge part of working with it and getting beautiful results, so there are aspects that aren't 100% arty but have some hard science attached to them.


I really don't know

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