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Invites me over for the weekend then tells me she has a boyfriend?


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I have known her a few years , she lives 5 hours away and we used to see each other a few years ago. We still kept in touch once in a while. She just came back from a year in Europe a few weeks ago and invited me to her place for the weekend sometime. So , I was planning to go tomorrow after work, but she just emailed me to say her boyfriend in Europe doesnt like the idea of me coming over, so she cancelled...but said she was sorry and wanted to see me..


Didn't know she had a boyfriend... I feel a bit stupid now. I wasnt expecting anything to happen (gotta admit I was hoping , but the boyfriend thing bugs me. Don't know if I should even reply to her email..but if I do what would you say?



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Well, it's still flattering that she invited you - she may have also been hoping to get lucky before she suddenly found a bf.


I think you should keep it classy - something along the lines of "That's too bad, but I understand." That way you keep the door open in case things don't work out with the new guy. (Of course I wouldn't offer to hang out as friends, I would just be cordial but distant if I were you).



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Better to know about it now then to be over there after a 5-hour hike and she asks you to leave. Could always be worse, but at least you find out ahead of time. I agree about the part about keeping things classy; you never know. ~


I asked a girl out and she accepted... Then before we met she sent me a text saying she was going to be late cause she was waiting for her boyfriend -.-


To me, they like the attention. Or they're so friendly they think everyone wants to be their friend.


Definitely know some women who are like that. And I do my best to avoid them at all costs, isn't worth the trouble. ~

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If it was me, I'd address the bf issue - making it seem like I wasn't expecting anything, but it wasn't really on to invite me over. But also that if I was her bf, I wouldn't be impressed either. For example:


"I didn't know you had a bf. But fair enough, I can understand where he's coming from even if we are just friends. I can't say I'd like it either."


Btw: Did she act like she was single and give you the impression that something was going to happen? Cause if so, it'd be best to stay well clear of this girl.


I can't believe she thought it was okay for you to travel 5 hours to stay at her place just to hang. But as unbelievable as it sounds, I have actually met someone who'd think that was a good idea till someone else (like her bf or best friend) pointed out it wasn't.


If not, and you wouldn't mind being friends with her, you could always add something about catching up next time.

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