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Hi guys,


I've posted on here from time to time when dealing with difficult parts of relationships. The first time I came here is when my ex-fiance and I broke up and threw almost 6 years down the drain. I was distraught. Thought I could live without her. We got back together, but she wasn't really into it and used me as a crutch until she found someone else and dropped me. Then I finally forced myself to move on and looking back, I realize that wanting to get back together was a function of my ego being bruised, feeling rejected, and my life changing from something that was so comfortable for so long. Truth be told, breaking up was the right decision for both of us.


I came here about a year and a half later to discuss another girlfriend breaking up with me. We had big big insecurity problems. She's gorgeous so she had guys on her all the time and she was always annoyed by the girls that were calling me/texting. She was also worried that I wanted to do so many different things which might mean leaving the city where we lived. When we broke up, so many guys started chasing her and she even showed interest in one. However, within a month, I had gotten back together with her. We decided to cut all of our excess baggage. She got a new number and I got a new number. The texts stopped. The phone calls stopped. We started putting each other's feelings first. We went to counseling to deal with some underlying issues. After about 2 months of counseling, we settled into our relationship. After about 4 months of being together, I still wanted to move forward in my career and take opportunities which would propel me. So I took a job that would move me about 5 hours away from her for 1.5 years.


It's worked out. We're happier than ever. Even though we are in a LDR now, I see her every weekend. We webcam frequently and we talk for hours on the phone. She visits me just as much as I visit her and everything is equal. Everyone talks about how in love we are and how we put each other first. We have been through ALOT, but we decided to put each other first and COMMUNICATE. And we have.


We celebrated 1.5 years together recently and we're only getting stronger. The first four months seem like long ago.


Just think, if I got back with my fiance, I wouldn't have been with this girl.


Oh, and I know DN is going to hate me for this, but NC didn't work for me in getting this girl back. Constant contact did. Trick was, she was receptive to my contact and I moved gradually.


Getting back together can work and you can stay together without any huge problems for a long time even after you get back together if you play your cards right.


Good luck, friends.

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