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I don't know what to make of this.


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So an old friend (we will call her 'A') had contacted me about 1 month ago asking if I would be interested in going out with her sister (we will call 'B') who thought that I was cute, I said that I was interested. Later in the week I had talked with 'B' and came to realize that we have alot of similar interests and had planned to go out that Friday for sushi and a movie afterwards. And I wanna make an important note here the only way we have to communicate is through 'A' since 'B' does not have a cell phone. So our first outing went pretty well we were both shy but enjoyed eachother's company I didn't know what to expect when I droped her off at her place but she had just up and left with only saying good night.


That night I went to work cause I work the graveyard shift at work but in the morning after I had got off work we had the following text convo.

B: Thank for everything yesterday I had a really nice time.

Me I had fun too maybe we can get together again soon.

B: That would be wonderful! Sorry if I was a little shy. But I will come around I promise lol I think you're very cute!

Me: I don't mind I was shy too.

B: Well we will both come around!


So far everything to me seems great the next day I tried to make plans with 'B' again to go out again but she hadn't responded. So I waited another day and messaged 'A' on her facebook if 'B' was still interested in going out again. 'A' told me that we all could go out on Friday and that 'B' will call me to make plans. It was almost a week still hadn't heard anything from her then I got a text message asking if I was free if I could call her. I did but the phone just rang to voice mail I left a message to call me back whenever, later I got a text saying sorry my mom just called and that i'll call you back afterwards but she still didn't call me back or sent a text message. This was around the end of October.


I figured to myself that I'd try one last time to go out with 'B' and if she didn't respond that I'd just move on. This time she did and we made plans to go out again on what would be this past Friday. A few hours before our date she texted me saying she was sick and if we could reschedule. I responded with sure whenever you're feeling better call or text me and we can make plans then. This was all last Friday and I haven't heard anything from her since.


I really like 'B' and thought we had a great connection on our first date. But I'm not sure what changed if she isn't interested or is just very shy and is afraid to come out of her shell. What should I do just move on and not waste anymore time wondering if she likes me? Should I just come out and tell her how I feel about her?

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So I did what you said to do... My friend replied not her sister (whom I like). She told me that she is starting to feel better and that she will pass my message on to her and that she would be glad to hear from me. Other than that one message I haven't gotten any other replies or messages.

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