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Girl Intends to Spend the Night - what are her intentions?


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Hey all,


A girl who is a friend is travelling to attend an event that will include drinking located on my campus with me and some other people. She asked if she could sleep in my dorm, since she did not want to travel back late at night.


Is there a possibility that she wants to.....sleep in my bed and not on my couch (to put it euphemistically)?


I don't want to offend her in any way or make mistaken assumptions. I wasn't going to attribute any hidden meaning beyond the explicit, but I have a tendency to be oblivious to girls' signals.


So my question is, is there a possibility that she wants more out of the night than a place to crash, and if that possibility exists how do I determine what her intentions are?


Or should I simply assume she just wants a place to stay and nothing more (it is a valid reason after all), and make no moves, take no actions beyond having a friendly time with her and the rest of our people, and leave it at that?



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Hey There!


Is this a good friend of yours? Have you been friends for a while? If so, she probably just wants a place to crash. If this were a dating relationship then maybe you'd have cause for concern. Since you're friends, don't put the moves on her, if you do she may become offended. If she's willing to crash at your place after drinking, that means she must trust you.

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I would honestly offer to find a female friend for her to stay with. I think its a little rude for someone to go to an event and say "i am staying at your place." And if something happens between her and your roommate while she is drunk, it could have serious consequences. If you really like this girl, do things when you are both sober versus hoping for the drunk booty call that could get you in trouble. You are also acting like you have no choice. Does she want to sleep with you? who knwos? But are you going to be a gnetleman considering that she is going to be drunk??

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Spend a little time talking to her. See if you can get her to show you how she feels. If all else fails, you can come out and say it, "I find you attractive and was thinking about kissing you but don't want to make things uncomfortable for later tonight." That way you can be a perfect host and treat her to whatever she is looking for by staying at your dorm.

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