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send this or no?


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so, a girl I met last summer that lives a ways from me and with whom I have been emailing back and forth sent me an email tonight (after a 2 week comms hiatus) saying, " I skyped someone today. I should have skyped you "


I was thinking of sending something like this back:


That’s okay. Sometime you feel like you just need to skype someone, y’know? It's just part of being human. If we ever see each other again, I’m going to skype you soooo hard

skyping is slang for sex, right? No? Well…s**t.



and then probably say some other stuff (how's school going, how are you, etc, etc). Good idea? I thought it was funny, and she seems to have 'gotten' my sense of humor (or attempts at humor, ha) before this. Also, we have had sex already, and the last message we exchanged we were talking about a particularly memorable one of these times.


and also possibly related, she sent me this message late at night, and as 're message I just mentioned'. In fact, now that I think about it, I don't even know why I'm asking if I should send it


(oh wait, yeah I do: because I'm still not sure how to read this girl/where we stand in terms of friendship vs possible future relationship )

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