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broken up for a week and cant get over it


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ill try to keep this as short as possible! we are both 26.we were together for the past 3 years (5 if you count casual sexual encounters) and have known each other for the last 9 years. we were usually good but would fight and break up for mabye 1-3 weeks maybe twice a year. on the night before halloween we were getting intimate and i commented on the smell of her..... she went in the shower and came out and dumped me! for the last week i kept calling her (i know nc nc nc) and she'd answer for the first few days and say "were broken up" then 2 days ago she wouldnt answer my calls all day and i went and banged on her bedroom window at 1 am. no answer allthough she was home. then the next day i kept calling and got a text saying "if you ever come to my house uninvited again especially at night ill call your mom.your scaring me,we need to move on. i felt like a * * * * and texted saying i would give her space and it was best for both of us. i got no response back. so ive gone nc for 2 days now and she keeps popping up in my mind. in the last year she bought a condo and is progressing in her career and ive been building my landscape business. she would get mad and say things like "how could you support us if i was hurt/preg and that she'd have to wait for the things she wanted in life if she was with me etc.. im now contomplating a career change and am gonna go through with it because i know i have to grow up. i knew i wanted to spend the rest of my life and have a family with her and the thought of it not happening is tearing me up. i also have started working out and am trying to do these things she wanted for me while we were together. question is am i wasting my time or am i holding on to hope when i shouldnt or i dunno. we all know the pain and we all know anything helps right now. thanks

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I agree. Once you start thinking that it's normal to break-up and make-up routinely, your relationship just lost all of its integrity. Regaining that integrity is nearly impossible. How do you trust the stability of a relationship that is built on such shifty foundation?


It's only been a week. Allow yourself to truly believe it's over and then you will move on.

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