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Can the IT field (or computer field in general) be good to singer/songwriters?


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I'm nearing my late 20s, and recently returned to college. At this point in my life, I'm using college purely as a way that leads to better job opportunities which are otherwise closed off to me, and that will net a higher income (I've always made close to minimum wage). (I know there was the opportunity for trade school but I wanted a bachelors). I've pretty much given up the idea of trying to make a career out of a passion, because my only true passion besides personal things that can't be made into a career has been music. Anything else I'm into, I couldn't be bothered to fight the masses who are also into it as they are really popular things (stuff in the artistic fields, like writing). I might as well put my hard work into something that I'm interested in, feel satisfied doing AND gives me an income I like. So, instead I've been looking more into what will suit my personality traits, my strengths, things like that. Plus, passions can be fickle. Anyway, I need to give this music thing a shot somehow or when I'm a little wrinkly old woman, I will either regret it or have to justify in my mind why I never pursued it. What I'm into is writing and performing music. Any thoughts? Thank you.

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Hey Terrabyl,


As a singer and songwriter myself (part of why my handle is what it is) with a long biotech career that didn't start as something I love but has become very important to me, I understand where you're coming from. It's hard to wrestle with what you know feeds your soul vs. what you think will give you some lasting financial security. It's so rare that people manage to find something that does both early in their lives! Fortunately you're really thinking about it, which is alas more rare than I might hope these days


Anyway, in your subject you mention the IT / computer field as something that has at least a little attraction for you, and I would have to say that if it works for you, go for it. It's a reasonably secure work-niche, and if you keep you ear to the ground about what the workforce needs in your area are you can stay abreast of what skills you need to keep refreshed. It will vary considerably over time and location, though, so stay aware. For example, right now my company (in San Francisco) is having trouble finding experienced web developers who know . net and C# - they exist, but there aren't enough of them. You can also check out what employment is like in the area now and then talk with a guidance counselor (most big universities have them, or equivalent) about what might be good for you.


That said, you don't have to let your love of music fall to the wayside. Get involved in a local singing group, start one of your own, or even check Craigslist to see if anyone near you just wants someone to belt out tunes with. Stay in practice, and stay in touch with your local music scene - just not as much as you might wish so you can concentrate on returning to college. Keep your heart beating while you work, and you'll do just fine.


Good luck, have fun, work hard, and keep the music alive!


Light and laughter,


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You didnt really state where in IT you were interested in working.....and Im not sure what you mean by is the IT field good to singer/songwriters....not sure what one has to do with the other....

IT is too broad of a subject to give you any proper answers......You are either good at it or you arent......and to make such a statement seems odd to me....as though people who work in IT dont have any outside interests....I work in IT and had a boss who was in a band...played every weekend...it was his passion..did the 9-5 during the week and went out on the weekends to play and was a rock star....lol

You need to figure out what is more of interest to you..... do you want to be on the development/programming side of things (more of a laid back monotonous, same thing every day type of work...or do you want to be a network or systems admin or helpdesk type person....more broad range of tasks/multitasking/probably more stress...

you need to figure out where your strengths lie and decide from there.....

whatever you do, you have to like it or a better salary wont mean anything....what is the point of making money if you are miserable every day? life is too short.

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I work in IT. One of the other team leaders I work with writes our status meetings emails and questions to our clients in old English poetry form. I tell him he should be the official poet at our job, but he convinces me he would have a hard time justifying his salary. Having other skills just makes life more interesting.

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If you have an avid interest in the IT field......it it's MANY subcategories......then go for it.


I was a Music tutor within my first year in music school and now am a Computer Technician.

I have merged music and computers together when it comes to my hobby which is music.


When I became a music tutor, it was a secondary thing to fall back on.

Eventually I became disheartened with teaching due to rules which caused the children I was teaching to become dis-interested in music.

School curriculum forcing them to learn songs they refuse to learn and retain.

Parents making their child feel bad about what they are playing because they do not understand it, or simply sounds like noise to them, so they feel they are being ripped off.

Parents forcing their child to play specific songs to be used as an evening sideshow for their friends when they come over to visit.


So I needed out.

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