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I want real help.


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I know I posted my story before, but my grammar is awful, and i am pretty sure half of the people here don't bother to read it.

Here's the FULL run down of my relationship. I really need HELP!


Met a man online about two months ago.

We dated for a week before we became official. (i know rush much?) I met his WHOLE family, and his mother the 2nd week.

Our first argument was him wanted to keep in contact with his ex, and her child.

I threw a fit, he understood for the most part and AGREE never talk to her AGAIN.


He still kept in contact wit his ex. I went through his phone. (naughty me i know) HOWEVER, text messages wasn't all "friendly" like. His text messages was along the lines of "I miss you baby... I wish things could have worked out... Why did you hurt me?"

Then they even hang out for a while, he brought her new clothes and the baby.


At two months should I be worrying about this? Him keeping his ex on the down low. Should I even forgive him? Did i "force" him to keep his ex on the down low? I mean, yes. I did overreacted when he first came to me and said, "Look i want to be friends with my ex still." I didn't want to hear it. BECAUSE i knew he had feelings for her STILL, which I was RIGHT! because of text messages.


I come to found out MORE INFO... he NEVER went on NC with this girl. EVER. This girl KICKED him out of the house. When she had a boyfriend, she NEVER text or call him. She treated him like crap for the most part, however OUR first date, he HAD sex with her that morning! (he saves everything on his phone). He said he wanted me to helped him get over her.Should I believe him? He's been so wonderful to me, and my own family. It's so hard to let go... it really is.

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Am I reading this right? You expect him to go no contact with his ex who has his baby? How is he suppose to have a relationship with his child?




Ok - you said her baby. I don't think he's going to drop her out of his life anytime soon so if you feel the relationship is inappropriate you may want to drop out now. If he's asking you to help him get over her, you are in serious danger of being the rebound relationship. Sorry.

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He's not over his ex if he says things like "I miss you baby... I wish things could have worked out... Why did you hurt me?"


You are a rebound. So be careful with your heart.


Regardless, he has a child with this woman so expecting him never to talk to her again is totally unreasonable. If he agreed to do that he's an idiot. If he's really a decent man he will be involved with his child, and by extension his ex wife to a certain degree, for the rest of his life.


So either get used to it or find a new guy.

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OUR first date, he HAD sex with her that morning.


Why are you with him if he is not over his ex?


So much drama and it's only been a few weeks knowing him.


He shouldn't have been online looking for sombody if he wasn't over his ex.


he was on a dating site, i never knew any of this info until now.

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