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My ex-boyfriend broke up with me a year ago due to long distance. He's gone back and forth about us being together the entire time. He's told me before that he does have feelings for me. He's kept in touch, kissed me, stared, always around, listens in on my conversations. He insulted the girl he hooked up with while we were broken up/apologized for it. We went to the same concert, he hung out with me the entire time, holding my hand, kissing me on the cheek, shared his drink, offered to hold my things so, they don't get ruined, etc.


I visited his school, he took me to a football game, talked to me the entire time, lent me his jacket, paid for my meals, let me stay in his room when I got screwed for sleeping arrangements, cuddled with me in the morning. Threw things at me, untied my shoe, play fought me. He showed me around campus, walked me to the bus stop, tells me he had a good time and he's glad I came. When I left his school to come back to mine, everything seemed fine. We finally talked about it and he told me he didn't want any sort of relationship with anyone and said, "I don't know how I feel about you."


Since then we haven't spoken in a month.


Does he not care that I'm gone?

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ahaha! that sounds like me and my ex - we also broke up over distance when i moved away for college. same deal. honestly, i wish i had just moved on and forgot about him and focused on guys in my area. he's messing with your head. they love the game. forget him and move forward.

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