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love or Lust


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So I'm just wondering what is worse. If your Gf/bf has emotional feelings for someone or if he/she is just down to * * * * with some other person. What is worse? I feel like if I had a one night stand with a chic that I had no feelings for at all, that that would not be nearly as bad as me wanting some other girl or possibly leaving my gf for her. Idk, let me know what you think if you can understand me

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I'd say... emotional.


When it comes to love and affection, I have a cocky attitude that no one can give her more love than I can, or else I shouldn't deserve her. If I'm with a girl, she's my world. If she went to someone else for love, then that will mean my best and all of my love was not enough for her, so is there something wrong with me? Why did that happen? And a flood of negative thoughts will end up destroying me.


I'm sure there are guys out there who are way better than me at sex, so I can't say I'm the best for her for that. Not saying it wouldn't hurt, of course it would hurt a lot, but emotional cheating is like the ultimate of ultimate rejections.

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Emotional cheating should be worse, but there are so many levels to it from a wayward glance to a torrid online love affair. Emotional cheating is also easier to rationalize into a rough spot in the relationship, or a weak moment, and that it is a good thing "nothing" actually happened. It is definitely easier to forgive.


From an objective point of view yes emotional cheating should be worse than an only physical fling with someone but we are rarely objective when it comes to our emotions.

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