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Question about job offer, negotiating and informing them of my situation

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So as I mentioned in another thread, I had an interview last Friday with a local small software company. The interview itself went pretty good, they had me fill out an application with references (I just put down my two previous bosses) and the head of HR/COO of the company said they would be calling me within a couple days. He walked me to the door and seemed pretty impressed with me--he really sold the job to me and after asking what I hoped to be doing in 5 years, he made it clear this job would give tons of relevant experience for that.


Yet, the interview made me realize the job is not exactly as described. They described the job in the ad as being pretty much exactly what I've done before (that is tech support, fixing PCs around the building and over the phone). However, during the interview, they mentioned a whole bunch of other responsibilities (such as managing all of the IT technology in the building) and also travelling occasionally (maybe once or twice a month) to offices an hour-hour and a half away to resolve computer issues that can't be fixed over the phone. He also mentioned that whenever something goes down (such as a website or other service they provide), I would be one of the contacts to come into the office and fix it.


Here's the problem: I do not have my driver's license right now. I was a "late bloomer" and didn't get my temporary instruction permit til last year (age 22), which I've been practicing on since. I live with my parents (who have two vehicles) and both are retired, so they would have no issues with taking me to and from work (work is 15 minutes away from here), as well as with taking me to these other locations when necessary. Obviously, I could conceivably get my license ASAP, but I wouldn't be able to til probably two weeks from now at the earliest.


The second issue is, I am 19 months into orthodontic treatment. I have 8 week check-ups to get my braces adjusted and won't be done with treatment til March at the earliest. The place I go to is only open during the week, between 8-5 so that would mean having to get away from work to go to appointments (which last a half hour or less). Any job I get is going to have to understand this as it's crucial I stay on top of check-ups in order to have the desired result.


Anyway, so even though they said they would contact me within a couple days, I didn't get a call til this afternoon when I was out of town and without my phone. I had given up on the job and was surprised to have a voicemail and email waiting for me. They want to move forward and want to discuss an offer--he wanted to meet today if possible, but I didn't get the message til after business hours. I emailed the guy back tonight to let him know I could come in tomorrow or Friday to meet and that I would be keeping an eye on my email for his response. It appears I am the one that they want, as he tried hard to get ahold of me today.


So here's my questions for you guys:


1. I have a feeling that they're not going to offer a great salary. How do I tastefully negotiate with them? This being my first professional job, I have never had to negotiate before.

2. How do I tell them that I don't have my license, but have transportation to and from and will be getting my license within the next couple weeks? I highly doubt they'll need me to do travelling to outside offices at first, but it's still a possibility.

3. How do I tell them that I require this time away for appointments every 8 weeks? My next appointment is next Tuesday and they'd conceivably want me to start Monday.

4. Given the delay, is it possible they offered the job to someone else and they declined? Or is it just disorganization on their part to tell me Monday but not contact me til Wednesday?

5. What should I wear for the meeting? The in person interview (which followed two phone interviews) I wore a black suit jacket, pants and pink dress shirt. Should I wear the suit with another shirt or should I just wear pants and a dress shirt?


Thanks all!

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1) call them right away if you have not.

2) It doesn't matter to them if you have your license or not. If you do not, you MUST get a state id or a passport so they can hire you. Also, I really would get your license ASAP because they can't really send you out of the office if you are dependent on a parent. You can choose to have them drive you to work sometimes, but to some, unless you have a disability, not having a license seems odd and they may wonder why. Just go in to apply for it tomorrow.

3) if you have a doctor's appointment once every 8 weeks, then schedule them for as early in the am as possible and just tell them that you have an orthodontist appointment. Explain what the condition is, and you are willing to make up the hours later in the day

4) some groups really take awhile to offer the job to just the right candidate. Some people say "a few days" but then they end up having a few more interviews, commiss3rationg, etc, and maybe they had to reschedule interboews for other candidates.


Also, if this job is giving you tons of opportunity, you are currently living with your parents with few bills and don't have a car to maintain, i would go for the experience and just find out what salary they are offering.

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My opinions:


1) Let them provide you with an offer. See if it's close to what you expect. I wouldn't quibble for $2,000-$3,000/year (you would likely make that up in a year or two in raises, and it's important to keep in mind that you are looking for other "perks" and it's hard out there currently) but if you feel what they are offering you is not in line with what you would expect - just say that. Tell them what you were paid previously (assuming you are looking for something in line with that).


2) You just have to say it. It's an important thing to disclose.


3) Before you sign, ask them about time away from the office for doctors appointment, vacation, etc. Most companies account for this kind of thing. It's pretty standard to need to see a doctor from time to time. See with your ortho if they have early appointments (for the next one) or late ones. If they ask you to start Monday, simply say you are not available and ask if you can start Wednesday. Feel free to tell them why.


4) I doubt it. Probably just disorganization.


5) What were other people in the office wearing? Usually in IT they don't expect you to wear a full business suit. A dress shirt and pants should be fine.

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3) A few hours every 8 weeks should be no big deal. I have worked with people who needed far more time off than that for medical reasons.

4) I doubt they offered it to anyone else. It took my current employer nearly 3 weeks to get back to me. Businesses are doing more with less these days and that is causing delays in the application processes.

5) A button up shirt and khakis or dress pants will be fine.

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btw, you want to dress better than you see others dressing because it is still an interview more or less. You are going to meet to talk about the job but you aren't hired yet. If everyone is in khakis, wear a suit, if everyone is in jeans, wear khakis. But i think you want to project the same image that they saw - i used to wear pretty close to the same thing for a second interview to jog their memories about me, too

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Thanks for your responses so far. In terms of a salary, I am very flexible. I estimate that I can do just fine on a salary of $30,000 or more per year since I live at home presently and have no plans of moving out til next year at the earliest. Even then, I can live pretty frugally given the fact that I'm single and have no kids. If they were to offer me $20,000 per year, given my education and experience that would be kind of unreasonable.


I honestly would have disclosed the license thing sooner, but I did not know they expected travel until that in person interview and it just kinda blindsided me. If they had mentioned it in the description of the job when the job was posted 3 weeks ago, I most likely would not have applied or if I did, I would have gotten the license by now. The reason I do not have my license is that I went to a college 5 minutes away, so it was always easiest for my dad to just drop me off at school. I got so busy with getting my degree that getting my license just wasn't a huge priority at that point. It is now, though.


Abitbroken, I wish it were as simple as applying for a license. Unfortunately, we're required to take and pass a road skills test. The only things I don't have experience with are parallel parking and express way driving, two things they test for. So I need to practice those first before I take the test. That's why I estimate it would take me a couple weeks to get the license.


With my orthodontist, they're only open Mon/Tues/Wednesday between 7:30-5pm, but I did just check and saw that it says they do Saturdays by appointment only. So that is a possibility if this job isn't OK with things. The appointments only last a half hour or less, though, so it wouldn't be a huge time investment.


As for attire, the HR guy I met with wore a suit jacket and pants. The IT guy that was also in the interview wore a polo shirt and dress pants. So I'm guessing it's semi-professional?

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I would ask for those saturday adn 7:30 am appointments without waiting to hear if your job is okay with the dentist or not. take the initiative because the fewer issues you come with, the better. If you didn't have the driving issue, i would say whatever. Also, i can't believe you have not gone on the expressway. Normally, a driving test is waved if you are taking driver's training class. But if you thev have you to take a driving test, they are going to test you with cones in the parking lot and then you will only go on the highway a very short bit FT the office is near the highway. or they might not. Get practicing. Go try to parallel park or ask someone to teach you right now. Show some initiativ and just take the darn test already. If you have no medical reason why you can't drive - then hop to it.


If the HR guy wore a suit jacket, go in and wear a suit. Its still an interview. then on your first day of work wear dress pants and a dress shirt without a suit coat, and then take a look at how people dress once you are there to determine what you will wear to work but always dress neatly.


also, as far as the salary - if you want 3K and they offer 27 - take it. you will hopefully get raises and its a bird in the hand.

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