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does she really mean it? Will I be wasting my time on her?


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Hi, first off to get a better understanding on my situation, look at my previous post on my profile. its not letting me post my link


Okay so the girl i have been seeing, i guess you could say friends with benefits, or whatever you wanna call it, has ignored me after talking about what we were doing and where everythings going, so i gave her space, i guess we stopped talking. We havent talked for about 20 days, and yesterday while running at her track and field practice, something went wrong so she went to the hospital, in the ER. i know this because she told my friend this. i texted her saying, i heard what happened, are you okay? Even though i said i wasnt gonna text her first,im not going to be a * * * * about it because i care about her.


She replied back two minutes later saying "Yeah, thanks for asking, Im really sorry for ignoring you and not responding to you, I decided that noncananty ignoring everyone was the best thing to do, but obviously it was just stupid ad imature. I know I told you earlier on how important it is to let others know how your feeling and it was really hypocritical because I wasnt able to do that. Thank you for everything and Imo truly sorry. I hope we can eventually be friends again. Goodnight"


Now, I just want to be friends with her, back to where everything was good, where i didnt care too much, where i dont trust too much, where i didnt get jelous or really get mad when she coudnt make time, because i have a busy schedule as welll. What do i tell her? Am i wasting my time?

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Oh! You really made me work for it. LOL! Ok... I went back in your history and skimmed through the story.


For the benefit of someone who doesn't want to do that... it sounds like you really liked this girl, you were fooling around with/maybe sleeping with her, she wasn't really paying much attention to you/was really busy with her life, I guess you talked to her about your growing feelings/the possibility of a relationship and in essence, she said "no".


I don't know why you want to go back to the way things were before... Remember that crazy feeling you had? It's only going to get worse. It's only going to upset you more and more that she is not spending time with you/paying attention to you. You'll drive yourself nuts! I know it's what you think you want because you really, really like her and miss her like crazy... but TRUST ME... you don't.


I think it's time to spend some energy looking for someone who WANTS to be around you and spend time with you. I bet there are a bunch of girls who want to be with you.


In other words... yes. She means it. You will be wasting your time.

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