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Breaking no contact today


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Here it is... After breaking up 6 month ago and having no contact for 2 month. Today/night im sending a text I dont expect a reply. But hoping it will resurface thoughts of me. I need advice. If your going to say dont do it then please dont post as my minds made up however, i need to know what to put that sounds not too much if you get me? I was going to put just Hi... x simple as that. But do you think I should put a bit more? Ideas asap please. Hearts pounding!

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I know everyone is different but if an ex sent a ''hi'' txt after a long period of bu/nc i'd delete it.


Same. In fact I don't even respond to a simple "hi" text half the time I get sent one now anyway. It shows no thought, no effort, and just says how much of a boring texter you are.


If you think you need to remind someone of you while on NC you need to reread on the effects and process of NC. You're doing it all wrong.


If you are absolutely going to send a text no matter what anyone here says then at least hold on and tell what some of your backstory before you do it. From this you'll get better advice.

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Background information is - I was with my boyfriend for three years, we had lived together for eight month. We had talked about being engaged and children. He used to cry he loved me that much saying I was the love of his life, he wanted to grow old with me. Six month ago he came home and said he was leaving me because I constantly nag and moan and go on and do his head in. We left our home I went back home to parents and he got hims.elf a flat. I did the wrong thing by contacting him constantly as I couldnt understand why he could be so cold with me and ignore me constantly. I then did something stupid. I knew my friends Social network password, so I logged in as her and messaged him and his twin brother asking them to give me a chance, and realise it was a mistake my boyfriend had made.They found out and first off I denied it (Looking stupid and delusional) But then admitted it. I was just so desperate for him to see He had made a big mistake. Since he left he has openly said he really loves me so much but isn't going to be with me!? But I honestly didn't mean any harm and was so messed up. We have not spoken for exactly 2 months today since I did the social network thing.I don't want to let go. Something inside me tells me not to. I've spoken with his mum and she doesnt know anything but feels we should be together. There is noone else involved. He just sits in his flat playing his playstaion according to his mum

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Most people are here to get over their broken relationship, my ex girlfriend still loves me but sometimes thats just not enough to make it work. Once you go through something like this it takes a pretty strong couple to get back together and make it work. I thought my relationship was strong, which it was, but when somebody isn't happy in the relationship then it doesnt work Im afraid. I got back with my girl on Thursday and already Im back to where I started when we first broke up 4 weeks ago.

Have you actually broke your NC yet?

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Thanks... Just can't stop thinking about him knowing hes just sat there. I know he loves me. I think his twin had a lot to do with it. But his older brother thinks hes made a mistake in ending things. Thinks its poor. And said I sholdnt worry about the social network stuff as he should know it was desperation.

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Hi Jodie, he may still love you, and I know it helps to know that, but he actually doesn't want to be with you, otherwise he would be the one making the approach. I'm really sorry to put it like that, but some people are capable of making 'clean breaks' and some of us are just not, especially if we have residual feelings. Send him the text, whatever content you like, but be prepared not to have a response, or a very basic one which says 'hi' and not much else. Sometimes we have to take tiny steps to disengage ourselves, and every one of them hurts, but I wish you all the best, take care.

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IWhat is anyone on here trying to achieve - I want him back. And I know he still loves and is in love with me.


Then do what you feel is right hun...you're right, we all would love to be back with our ex's, most of us that are on here are looking for advice on how to reconcile.


I hope it all turns out well for you, you never know if you don't try eh?




loulou x

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if you are trying to get back with him, you should leave him alone so he has time to think about what he wants in his life. if he wants you he will find you.


texting him a "hi" is just going to annoy him. if my ex texted me that i would not respond to him. its insignificant and shows he just wants to remind me of him.


also just because members on his family wants you guys to be together doesn't mean that you should actually be together or are good for each other. family does not know the ins and outs of your relationship, they only know what you tell them and what you show them.


i know for a fact that everyone of our mutual friends and family members want my ex and i together, married with children, but life is not that simple. you don't live life according to other people's preference, it's your life. they don't feel your pain or the challenges you go through. i would stay away from his family and his friends for the time being.

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