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Mixed Signals from Ex ? Help Pleasee.


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We broke up 2 months ago, dated over a year. He planned on moving to Europe so he decided the best thing to do was end it. He told me before and a day after the break that when he got back he wanted to try and get back together. He got really emotional and calmed himself in drugs, drinking and partying,got fired from his job and gave up on Europe. Even jumped into a rebound..


He lied to me about the rebound, told me they were just friends, that he couldn't date another girl without thinking of me. When I found out they were dating I pulled NC and a few days later they broke up. They dated 3 weeks. A week of NC he contacted me. He was really cold at the start then he opened up a bit, said he really cared about me, wanted to be friends and see where It goes from there.


After hanging out all he wanted to do was hug me and cuddle, so we decided we couldn't be friends. A week later we were at the same party, everyone told me he was staring at me all night, and that he wanted to fight the guy who was hanging around me. And when ever he sees this guy in public he glares at him..


I found a lot more of his belonging so I messaged him on Facebook, asked him if he could pick it up sometime, and he asked me why I was in such a rush..? Said he couldn't that night so I asked him if he could later in the week. He added me as a friend on facebook 2 days later, then 3 days later deactivated his acount, thats the only way we can contact one another for him to get his items...


What's up? Anyone have any suggestions or insights with this..?


Does he just need space? Almost 2 weeks no contact now.



Other then this there were no problems, rarily fought or argued, seemed to fit together very well,all his friends said, and still say I was the best thing to happen to him. Never mistreated him and I was the first girlfriend he ever trusted.

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When someone gives mixed signals, it's probably because they have mixed feelings, or changeable feelings. In either case, he's not committed to you. He's not giving you much, is he? You seem to be holding out hope based on very little. You seem to be in denial about him, actually, and holding out false hopes. He might have very strong feelings towards you, but they don't translate into him wanting to be with you, unfortunately. It's best to face that fact and try to move on without him in your life. Unless you don't mind the drama!

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