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Can't overcome this weird feeling


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I don't know if this has to do with the relationship or not but...


About a month before she broke up with me, I began deleting everybody from Facebook because I was growing tired of it and because I really wanted only family on there.


But, it's unclear to me if I had some kind of unconscious intention to show her that I didn't want a bunch of girls from school on Facebook. You know? Like delete everyone to show you that you're the only one that matters type of thing..


Like I feel like that is part of the reason but I don't really know.


Now I'm stuck with the decision to add everyone back or not.

When I did that I kind of isolated myself from everyone and now I kind of want to add people to show her that, I don't need you to be happy, I have friends...But I can't past the idea of not wanting anyone but family on there.

Cause I get annoyed by people fairly easily, but I also kind of forgot what it's like to have people on Facebook.

I'm used to not really seeing anything updated on There.




This probably doesn't make sense to anyone but maybe to someone it does and they can help me out with this dilemma.

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If you feel that might be an underlying reason, it probably is.


It's very intuitive of you to pick up on this. Well done for paying attention to your own thoughts and feelings


In my own life, I've experienced a (possibly) similar notion: Generally I don't use Facebook a whole lot, and tend to think that it is quite fake - that it's more about self-promotion than actually keeping in touch with people you care about. In line with this, when life hasn't been going so well for me, I've wanted to delete my account - I'd think because "it's a sham and I don't need it" anyway. Which holds true, but this also masks the underlying hurt that comes from feeling like I don't measure up to some of my 'friends' - and of course, such feelings are most prominent when life isn't going so well.


As for whether you should have friends on there, or just keep it to family, you can tell that there are good points and bad points to either approach - which makes it hard to make a decision. What do you want out of the service in the long run?


Personally, I tend to keep friends on there, even if I don't use it much. As time goes on, and people get more involved in their own lives, move away, or go overseas, I find it nice to have as a point of contact.


I'm not sure if I've come close, but I hope this helps

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That did help, quite a bit.

Thank you.

I think a large part of the reason I deleted so many people was the idea that I wanted to prove that I don't NEED Facebook to be happy and to have friends.

I think I started to become to dependent on it and wanted to have more have a social involvement rather than an online one.

But I do think some of it has to do with the part about her.

I'm still deciding and tomorrow will be a big step for me and I have a feeling however it goes, is going to determine the outcome of where I'm out in the break up.

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