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Adult Friend Finder Profile - the nail in the coffin


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Hey ENA compadres,

Just wanted to share/vent. A week ago I discovered my BF had a gold (purchased) membership on Adult Friend Finder. I confronted him, he not only denied it, but he acted offended at the accusation.


I found he was on Adult Friend Finder by googling his favorite user names + link removed. His name was listed on the "who's chatting now" cache from a couple of weeks ago. I called a good friend who has an AFF profile and she copied/pasted his profile to me. He didn't have a profile picture and his listed age was 10 years younger than he is, but otherwise it fit (zip code, level of education, height, and of course he registered his favorite user name). He was advertising for "Discreet Sex." His profile was three weeks old (and the last time he logged on was also the day he registered his profile).


We had broken up for about a week, and then got back together 10 days prior to his registration date. I regret having even getting back together (I should have followed my gut), but I guess I needed to go down with the ship.


And yes, it's a bad sign when you are googling your mate to make sure they aren't on an onsite dating site (or sex site).


Needless to say, the Adult Friend Finder membership is truly a deal breaker for me, and making NC this time around feel truly permanent. I'm really annoyed though, that he wouldn't admit guilt and tried turning it back on me when he got caught. Very cowardly indeed. In fact, it is VERY cowardly to not break up with someone before registering on a site like this.

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