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I PASSSSSSEEEEEDD!!! (And letting go of my money)

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Push the issue...otherwise, next month it will be another month, and the month after that another month, and so on...


As you said, even asking for a measly $20 every two weeks is better than nothing. If he can't manage that much, he needs to get another job and take care of his financial obligation to you, like an adult.


If it were me, I'd reply with something like, "Not to sound rude, but it doesn't really matter why I need it back. Circumstances have changed. I lent it to you in good faith, and now I would appreciate some sort of repayment plan, even as little as $20 every two weeks. Let me know how you want to arrange the payments. Thanks, I really appreciate this.


He'll have no choice really but to agree to -something-, or flatly refuse.


Let us know how it turns out, I'll be curious.

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He bought a Macbook Pro (via loan) before the BU, said he needed it to 'make music'. So I'm assuming that paying off his Macbook Pro is more important than paying me back. It's unfair the bastard had the cheek to even ask me why I'm asking for my own money back!


Ok guys, I've decided. It's a lot of money to me, I can buy textbooks, go on holiday, pay off my own uni loan, buy that oh so nice Marc Jacobs bag (sigh)....BUT I'm not willing to keep in contact with him, nagging him over my money.


After speaking with the counsellor, my head is a lot clearer.


I've got my own mental spreadsheet - and the $2K is worth less to me than my emotional well-being. I don't want to be angry, bitter, sad and regretful anymore.


I've been doing so well, and I want to keep going at this rate. Having to stress over the money, which I KNOW I WILL NEVER get back at this stage - it's like trying to catch the wind. If he decides to one day pay me back, fine. But at this stage, I'm not going to worry about it. It's not worth it.


I have 4 months to go of uni. I don't want to keep following it up with him in the next 4 months. I have my priorities straight, and I want to keep focused.


One day, just one day when I'm practicing, that $2K is not going to matter too much to me anyway (hehe).


I'll miss you $2K.

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